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Auris beamit - First-class Bluetooth transmitter and receiver The Auris beamit in summary:...
Product information "Auris beamit"

Auris beamit - First-class Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

The Auris beamit in summary: Excellent Bluetooth receivers are now available on the market (for example the Auris bluME HD), but Bluetooth transmitters? The choice is rather limited. But that's what the Auris beamit is for. Bluetooth transmitter and receiver combined in one compact and stylish device.
The highlights of the Auris beamit at a glance:

    Bluetooth transmitter & receiver - Can simply do both in top form
    Bluetooth 4.2 standard - Wide bandwidth and long range
    Qualcomm aptX LL on board - lip-synchronous transmission of picture and sound
    Analogue and digital inputs - Wide compatibility with most sources
    USB powered - No separate power supply needed on PC or TV

Bluetooth transmitter and receiver - Both directions in top form possible

Auris Beamit as transmitter and receiver

Whether you want to listen undisturbed to the sound of a film from the TV via your Bluetooth headphones, listen to music from your PC or transmit sound to your hi-fi system, the Auris beamit makes it easy and high-quality.

Send and receive, simply and in excellent quality.
Bluetooth 4.2 standard - wide bandwidth, stable connection

Bluetooth today stands for excellent transmission quality and a problem-free, interference-free connection. Thanks to clever frequency switching logic, the connection remains stable and interference-free even in environments with many different wireless networks - over a distance of up to 10 metres.

Exactly what you'd expect from a high-quality Bluetooth transmitter and receiver.
Qualcomm aptx LL ensures perfect synchronicity - even with movies

Auris Beamit on the TV

When you watch a film and have the sound transmitted via Bluetooth to your headphones, amplifier or active speakers, it is more common for there to be an offset between the picture and the sound. This is due to the high latency or low transmission speed of the Bluetooth chip.

Not so with the Auris beamit! The integration of Qualcomm aptX LL ("LL" stands for Low Latency) guarantees transmission with a delay of less than 40 milliseconds. A time span in which no visible delay between picture and sound is visible.
Wide range of connections - analogue and digital everything is possibleAuris beamit rear with connections


It is to be expected that the Auris beamit outputs the sound received via Bluetooth analogue (via 3.5 mm jack) and digital (via the optical digital output). Somehow (even if it is of high quality) the received sound has to be passed on to the downstream amplifier, active loudspeaker or D/A converter.

However, the same consistency prevails at the input. Here, too, you can choose between a 3.5 mm jack input and an optical digital input and send the sound "on its way" in as high a quality as possible without losing a single detail.
Power supply via USB - another clever detail

Instead of a power supply connection of any kind, Auris has opted for a micro USB connection as a charging port on the beamit. What sounds banal at first makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Because now the beamit can not only be operated with almost any power supply unit, but also directly on the PC or TV via USB. Short cable runs and uncomplicated connection are the result. And who doesn't want that?

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