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Ucotech Brillante ES2203 Ucotech Brillante ES2203
UCOTECH's Brillante ES2203 Earbuds UCOTECH Brillante is the new earbud in the ES series. With newly perfected 14.8 mm dynamic drivers, the Brillante is UCOTECH's first detachable 2-pin earbud. The dynamic driver with the new material...
€119.00 *
Ucotech IL1000 Ucotech IL1000
Ucotech IL 1000 3D-printed and die-cast zinc alloy 8mm IDP (8mm dynamic driver) OCC 6N 4-wire silver-plated cable with 2-pin connectors and 4.4mm balanced output (3.5m adapter included) Sounds best when used with a simple DAP or DAC with...
€189.00 *
Ucotech RE2 Ucotech RE2
Ucotech RE-2 Sophisticated build, solid brass body and curved nozzle for a more comfortable fit Beryllium-coated 10mm dynamic drivers OCC 6N 4-core silver-plated cable with MMCX plugs and 3.5mm connector included Brass body completes the...
€109.00 *
Ucotech RE-1 Pro Ucotech RE-1 Pro
Ucotech RE-1 PRO Dynamic universal IEM Extremely well built, solid brass housing and very comfortable fit CNT 10mm dynamic drivers Includes OCC 4N 4-wire silver-plated cable with MMCX plugs and 3.5mm connector Sounds best when used with...
€99.00 *