ddHifi TC35C

ddHifi TC35C
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 ddHiFi TC35C Product information "ddHiFi TC35C" ddHiFi TC35C - Lightning to 3.5 mm...
Product information "ddHifi TC35C"

 ddHiFi TC35C

Product information "ddHiFi TC35C"

ddHiFi TC35C - Lightning to 3.5 mm Jack

ddHiFi was founded in 2017 and stands for Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to DACs and headphones, the manufacturer primarily offers a wide range of different adapters. ddHiFi has set itself the goal of focusing on a concise and short design language, producing user-friendly accessory products and focusing on product material and craftsmanship details, while always keeping costs under control.

The highlights of the ddHiFi TC35C at a glance:

- Precision machined aluminium alloy

- T-shaped Lightning and optimised circuit layout

- Audio decoder: Realtek ALC5686

- Simple operation

High fidelity, lossless and highest material quality

The ddHiFi TC35C is a Lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapter. For optimal sound, a Realtek ALC5686 works in the CNC-milled housing, which resolves up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM. Lossless is also supported, provided Apple Music is used as the music source. With this, ddHiFi guarantees that even the highest demands are met with the TC35C. The Lightning OTG (On-The-Go) plug relies on an optimised circuit layout to improve the power supply. From the built-in technology to the materials used - everything here has been chosen with care.

Not only high quality, but also easy to use

After successful plugging in, the iPhone automatically recognises the ddHiFi TC35C as a headphone output, which simultaneously deactivates the internally installed microphone. The recommendation is to establish the connection between the iPhone and the adapter only when the headphones are plugged into the TC35C.

Technical data

Brand: ddHiFi

Model: TC35C

Housing: CNC-milled aluminium alloy

Weight: 3.5 g

Dimensions: 16.6 x 16.2 x 9.6 mm

Connector: Lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapter

Output: 30 mW (32Ω)

Frequency: 20Hz ≈ 20kHz

PCM decoding: 32bit/384kHz

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Spezifikationen Produktart Adapter und DAC Anschlüsse 1x...

Produktart Adapter und DAC
Anschlüsse 1x Lightning-Buchse
1x Buchse 3,5 mm
DAC-Chip Realtek AL5686
Unterstützte Abtastraten PCM bis zu 32 Bit 384 kHz
Frequenzgang 20Hz - 20kHz
Ausgangsleistung 30mW @ 32Ω
Dynamikbereich > 110dB
THD+N < -92dB
SNR > 120dB
Maße 16,6 x 16,2 x 9,6 mm
Gewicht  3,5g


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