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Qudelix 5K Qudelix 5K
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FiiO BTR5 2021 FiiO BTR5 2021
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FiiO M11 Plus FiiO M11 Plus
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Shanling Q1 Shanling Q1
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FiiO M17 FiiO M17
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FiiO Q3s FiiO Q3s
FiiO Q3s mit MQA Unterstützung – Der mobile THX AAA™-Verstärker Der FiiO Q3s in der Zusammenfassung: Vielleicht kennen Sie den Namen „THX™“ aus dem Kinobereich – er taucht immer dann auf, wenn es um perfekten Kinosound geht. Aber: Das...
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iBasso AMP13 iBasso AMP13
iBasso AMP13 3CH Vacuum Nutube Amp Card with 2 x 3,5mm outputs, one for tube purists with "low noise output" (2,5Vrms) and the second for maximum power (4,1Vrms). The sixth Korg Nutube generation was built in. Now you can enjoy tube...
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FiiO BTR7 - Portable Bluetooth amplifier at its best The FiiO BTR7 portable Bluetooth amplifier in summary: Listening to music on the go in the best quality is actually quite simple. With the right headphones and a portable Bluetooth...
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iBasso DC06 iBasso DC06
Zwei ESS ES9219C QUAD DAC+™ DAC-Chips. Abnehmbares Kabeldesign. 4,4 mm symmetrischer Ausgang und 3,5 mm unsymmetrischer Ausgang. Die AMP-Sektion verwendet eine dedizierte Stromversorgung, die es ihr ermöglicht, einen höheren...
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Shanling M7 Shanling M7
Shanling M7 - High-End Android Player Features - ESS ES9038Pro DAC - 8-core Snapdragon 665 CPU & Android 10 - Up to 900mW output power at 32 Ohm - 5 inch 1080p display - Aviation quality aluminium chassis - Supports up to 32bit / 868kHz...
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Shanling UA1 Pro Shanling UA1 Pro
Shanling UA1 Pro USB DAC for Smartphone and Computer Features: - ESS ES9219C HiFi DAC Chip - 32 Bit / 384kHz & DSD 256 - High-purity copper cable for interference-free signal transmission - Ultra-low distortion of 0.0006% at 32 ohms -...
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iBasso DX320 iBasso DX320
iBasso DX320 The new Reference Audio Player from iBasso features: - Dual System Controller - Two internal batteries (for analogue and digital section) - With ROHM MUS-IC D/A converters (BD34301 EKV) - Snapdragon 660 processor with 6GB...
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FiiO KA1 FiiO KA1
FiiO KA1 A Compact and Portable Digital-to-Analogue Converter The FiiO KA1, whose heart is the ESS DAC ES9281AC Pro, is available in two variants. Firstly in the classic USB-C configuration and also in the Lightning variant for Apple...
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Questyle M15 Questyle M15
The more complicated the world gets, the more concise we become. At Questyle, an integral part of our mission is to provide the simplest way for all cell phone users to enjoy lossless audio from streaming platforms, anytime and anywhere....
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ddHifi TC44C ddHifi TC44C
DDHifi TC44C - Visually, all are in alignment. The 3,5mm, 4,4mm und USB-C ports are well arranged in a straight line despite their different sizes. Acoustically, dual channel balanced It adopts dual DAC chips Cirrus Logic CS43131 for...
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Shanling UA5 Shanling UA5
Shanling UA5 - Balanced Portable USB Digital Analogue Converter and Headphone Amplifier Features: - Dual ESS ES9038Q2M Digital Analogue Converter - Dual Ricore RT6863 headphone amplifier - Monochrome OLED display - Independent volume...
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Qudelix 5K Qudelix 5K
Qudelix 5k Reference DAC AMP USB digital analogue converter and Bluetooth receiver in one. The manufacturer Qudelix has developed a very special piece of technology here. Rarely have we added such a well-rounded device to our portfolio....
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