TinHiFi P2

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  • HL02074
TinHiFi P2 Product information "TinHiFi P2" Highlights of the TinHiFi P2 at a glance:...
Product information "TinHiFi P2"

TinHiFi P2

Product information "TinHiFi P2"

Highlights of the TinHiFi P2 at a glance:

  • Second generation planar drivers
  • High precision sound restoration
  • Balanced sound image
  • Stainless steel housing 
  • High quality cable, interchangeable design

The second generation planar driver

The TinHiFi P2 follows its predecessor, the highly acclaimed P1, adopting the new Generation Planar driver with the overall balanced tuning. Built in is a 12-millimeter planar diaphragm with high-resolution and lifelike sound. On top there is a good portion of clear bass, noticeable but not foregrounding.

High-precision sound restoration

The P2's voice coil has been precisely placed to ensure that pressure is applied to the diaphragm is applied evenly and the sound is restored with high resolution. Therefore the P2 is very well suited especially for demanding single tracks. The thin diaphragm preserves every detail of the music track, no matter how small. This leads to technical specifications that can be found in the top class and allow an appropriate listening experience.

High quality cable, interchangeable design

Like its predecessor, the TinHiFi P2 comes with a modern and high-quality cable. high-quality cable. The claim was a high flexibility and maximum sound. The used 2-pin connector allows the fast and reliable exchange against alternative cable, pure OCC copper, on the other hand, ensures undisturbed transmission of the signal.

Special tuning

The choice of material for the housing was stainless steel, known for its robustness and durability. The specially developed internal structure allows the sound to be less distorted, as the pressure change has also been optimized. Due to the extremely thin and flexible membrane can be the deep bass and well-developed treble made possible. At the same time, a wide sound range is offered with a sound pressure level, which is comparable to over-ear headphones.

Stainless steel housing

After lengthy testing, the TinHiFi P2 was also chosen for a polished stainless steel housing with a triangular shape and inclined nozzle, to allow a comfortable wearing experience over a longer longer time and not to neglect the optics. The housing is robust and resistant to daily use, as it has passed numerous stress tests and proven to be and proven to be durable, while maintaining its glossy appearance. appearance.


Brand: TinHiFi

Model: P2

Impedance: 32 Ω ± 15%.

Frequency: 10 Hz - 20 kHz

Housing: Stainless steel

Cable: High purity copper 2-pin (0.78 mm) 3.5 mm jack

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