TinHiFi P1 Max

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  • HL02072
TinHiFi P1 Max Product Information "TinHiFi P1 Max" Highlights of the TinHiFi P1 Max at...
Product information "TinHiFi P1 Max"

TinHiFi P1 Max

Product Information "TinHiFi P1 Max"

Highlights of the TinHiFi P1 Max at a glance:

  • 14.2 mm planar driver
  • Elegant design
  • Advanced acoustic structure, full of details
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High quality cable, replaceable design

14.2 mm planar driver

TinHiFi P1 Max relies on a 14.2 mm planar driver with a membrane only 2 µm thick and a double-sided N52 magnet to produce a strong magnetic flux. The use of a lightweight aluminum diaphragm reduces weight accordingly. This combination allows for excellent dynamics with fast response over a wide frequency range. It also allows for a very high level of detail with equally high clarity, making the TinHiFi P1 Max suitable for a variety of different genres.

Elegant design

The TinHiFi P1 Max's cabinet is made of lightweight resin and the panels are made of stainless steel using a special 3D printing process, resulting in a high-gloss jewel-like finish. So P1 Max are not only an optimal companion for traveling, but also offer themselves as decoration.

Advanced acoustic structure, full of details

The TinHiFi P1 Max exposes every detail through its unique acoustic structure with a wide sound field. The resulting voluminous and natural sound can convince all along the line.

Comfortable to wear

A lot of attention was paid to an ergonomic design and the P1 Max themselves weigh only 4.8 grams. The earphone was shaped based on professional ear canal data analysis. The special shape makes TinHiFi P1 Max comfortable to wear for a long time, while increasing the passive noise cancellation effect. Specifically, special attention has been paid to the angle and position of the sound tube in the ear canal to achieve the best possible fit.

High-quality cable, replaceable design

The 108 single-core copper wire core achieves a warm and natural sound, with clean background and even frequencies. The 2-pin connector allows you to easily change the cable to suit your own preference.

Technical Specifications

Brand: TinHiFi

Model: P1 Max

Impedance: 16 Ω ± 15%.

Frequency: 10 Hz - 20 kHz

Housing: Stainless steel

Cable: High purity copper

Connection to in-ear: 2-pin (0.78 mm)

Connection to the source: 3.5 mm jack



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