ThieAudio Monarch MKIII

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Thieaudio Monarch MK III IMPACT2 - THIEAUDIO's latest innovation in personalised audio...
Product information "ThieAudio Monarch MKIII"

Thieaudio Monarch MK III

IMPACT2 - THIEAUDIO's latest innovation in personalised audio reproduction with a powerful subwoofer solution featuring an isobaric design and composite cone drivers.

Improved Ultra-Treble Output - The Monarch MKIII now features Sonion electrostatic drivers and raised frequencies for a more comprehensive upper frequency extension, resulting in enhanced staging and resolution.

Balanced sonic signature - The Monarch MKIII delivers outstanding studio monitor-like sound with a clean, natural and detailed sound, while providing a focused sub-bass effect.

Improved bass quality - The addition of the IMPACT2 10mm subwoofer enhances the power and structure of the bass without compromising tonal integrity, delivering better bass quality and a more immersive listening experience.

The IMPACT2 ("Impact Squared") is THIEAUDIO's latest technological innovation that will change the audio industry. IMPACT2 is a new subwoofer solution consisting of two isobaric 10mm composite drivers. The addition of another 10mm subwoofer greatly improves the power and texture of the bass, while the in-house isobaric chamber design keeps the frequency and pressure constant. This means you can enjoy better bass quality without compromising tonal integrity. With updated drivers, tuning strategies and significantly improved ergonomics, the Monarch MKIII offers the legendary performance of the MKII with improved technical features and comfort.

Monarch MK III, the peak performer
In their day, the original Thieaudio Monarch and Monarch MKII set new standards for best-in-class performance in the global IEM industry. Not only did they redefine the price/performance ratio, but they also forever changed the way IEM manufacturers design and tune IEMs. To keep up with the times, the Monarch has undergone another redesign to improve its technical and sonic performance.

Improved Ultra Treble Output
The Thieaudio Monarch MKIII has been fitted with Sonion's latest electrostatic (EST) drivers and re-tuned to better reveal the full potential of these drivers. Thanks to the new tuning strategy, the ultra-high frequencies have been increased at +15kHz to 20kHz for a more comprehensive upper frequency extension. Compared to the previous model, the Monarch MKIII offers a greater sense of staging, ambience and overall improved perceived resolution thanks to the treble extension.

Balanced sonic signature
At the heart of the Thieaudio Monarch MKIII is THIEAUDIO's commitment to sonic excellence. The Monarch MKIII has studio monitor-like tonal characteristics with focused sub-bass for a clean, natural and detailed sound. Featuring a true 4-way crossover with 9 separate passive components, the Monarch MKIII stays true to its sonic heritage. Thanks to IMPACT2, the sub-bass is punchier, but the midrange from 200 Hz to 800 Hz retains its reign-free neutrality. This tonality of the mids mimics the real sound of studio monitors used in recording studios to deliver accurate audio reproduction. In addition, the Monarch MKIII's mids have been redesigned from their predecessors with a new tuning strategy that better separates the respective driver sections to maximise performance while minimising overall harmonic distortion. This means that the MKIII's mids sound more resolved while maintaining the same monitor-like tonality. The treble has also been slightly retuned to offer more coherence throughout the range, as well as a little more clarity and definition. This slight tonal change harmonises better with the renewed ultra-high response and provides a crisper sound signature.

Medical grade resin housing
Each Monarch MKIII unit is individually handcrafted by dedicated engineers. The housing is made of 3D-printed medical grade resin that is safe on the skin and durable.

Improved modular cable
The Monarch MKIII has been upgraded with Thieaudio's latest modular cable. The upgraded cable consists of thicker 22AWG 6N OCC silver plated and graphene silver plated composite wires. This upgrade in cable materials offers a little more clarity and sophistication compared to Thieaudio's previous generation of modular cables. With three separate, interchangeable plugs with 3.5mm single, 4.4mm balanced and 2.5mm balanced connectors, you can easily connect the Monarch MKIII to any device without having to change cables.

Scope of delivery
Monarch MKIII in-ear monitors
22AWG 6N OCC silver-plated cable with modular system
3 pairs of silicone ear tips
3 pairs of foam ear tips
Carrying case

Type: in-ear monitors
Drivers: Sonion EST, Knowles DWFK 31785 (x2), Sonio 28UAP (x1), IMPACT2 (2 x 10mm composite DD)
Crossover: Passive 4-way crossover with 4 sound holes
Sensitivity: 99dB @ 1kHz (+/- 1dB)
Impedance: 20 Ohm
Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz
Cable details: 1.2 metre 22AWG 6N OCC silver plated
Cable connector: 2-pole 0.78mm
Cable connection: Modular connection with interchangeable 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm connectors

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