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AFUL Audio Performer 8 The pair features an intricate finish with multiple layers of...
Product information "AFUL AUDIO Performer 8"

AFUL Audio Performer 8

The pair features an intricate finish with multiple layers of aluminium foil hand painted onto each earpiece for an exquisite, high quality finish. Each earpiece has a unique design and texture. The covers have been designed to match the autumn leaves with a combination of gold, purple and orange colours

The tonal characteristics of the Performer 8

Bass - Deep, elastic, tight because:
1. a high-quality dynamic driver is used.
2. with the Ultra-Long Low-Frequency Acoustic Tube, the low frequency has a deep low-end response.
3. high damping pressure relief tube, helps eliminate air pressure in the ear canal and makes the bottom end more structured.

The Performer8's vocal response is natural and warm, creating a pleasant ambience. It has a detailed, textured presentation for both male and female voices.

High frequencies
The Performer8 has a smooth and extended treble response. Even after 10kHz, the pair maintains a smooth and extended presentation. It ensures faithful reproduction of instruments and their harmonics.

Wide frequency response
The AFUL Performer8 has a relatively wide frequency response that reproduces instruments very accurately and naturally. The pair not only expresses the audible main frequency range, but also has a perfect expression for the overtones (Harmonic Tone). However, most IEMs on the market can only reproduce the audible main frequency range, but not the harmonics, as their frequency response is not wide enough.

High-resolution sound performance, ideal for different music genres
The AFUL Performer8 has excellent frequency response characteristics. The pair has a high-quality bass response that complements other frequencies. The P8 has a balanced sound that complements both human voices and musical instruments. It has a thick and warm signature that has a pleasant sound.

Recommended genres
The Performer8 adapts well to different genres of music. It is not only suitable for pop music, but also harmonises well with classical symphonies.

Ease of use
The AFUL Performer8 has several underlying technologies that ensure a high degree of operability and scalability. If you have a high-quality playback device, you can enjoy the pair to the fullest. Even if you have a portable DAC or Bluetooth amplifier, you'll get high-quality audio with the Performer 8.

After manufacturing the Performer 8's ear cups using a high-precision 3D printing process, AFUL applies various in-depth physical treatments to make the structure more stable and ensure that the pair's sound does not deviate even after prolonged use.

Difference between Performer 8 & Performer 5
The P8 features the same technologies as the P5, but with a much more sophisticated design structure. The number and length of the sound tubes is completely different in the P8, with the total length of the sound tubes being more than three times longer than the P5. The driver fitting has also been further optimised, making the P8's process much more complex and requiring a higher quality industrial 3D printer. The P5 has a 3-tube, 3-way crossover, while the P8 uses four tubes and a 4-way crossover.

The advantages of the P8 over the P5
Wider frequency response, more accurate musical instruments and richer tones. The P8 has a fuller sound and the soundstage is wider. The main character of the P5 is the reproduction of lively voices, while the P8 offers a more balanced and versatile performance that can easily handle different genres of music.

Introduction to the technology
Most drivers have their own limitations and cannot deliver the best sound quality. Based on five years of academic research and development, AFUL has finally overcome the limitations with its three innovative technologies for the new Performer8.

High-precision 3D-printed acoustic tube structure
The first technology is the acoustic crossover. It uses physical frequency division to match the pair's sound frequency response. It has been fine-tuned and optimised to harmonise the sound waves of the different tubes. This eliminates the peaks caused by the resonance of the unit with conventional frequency division technology.

RLC network frequency division correction technology
It can directly affect the sound frequency response of the pair and helps overcome peaks caused by the resonance of the unit in conventional frequency division technology. It also gives the Balanced Armature drivers a smooth treble frequency response that rivals that of an EST unit.

High Damping Air Pressure Equalisation System
The third technology is air pressure relief. It equalises the air pressure in the ear canal. This reduces the fatigue and discomfort that can occur after prolonged listening. The air pressure equalisation technology also improves the texture, depth and elasticity of low frequencies.

The technologies are patented by AFUL.

Impedance: 35Ω
Sensitivity: 110dB@1kHz
Frequency range: 5Hz-35kHz
Configuration: 1DD+7BA Hybrid
Connector: 2pin 0.78mm
Termination: 3.5mm

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