AFUL Audio Performer5

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  • HL02041
AFUL Performer 5 IEMs Features Five-driver hybrid configuration 1 Powerful Dynamic...
Product information "AFUL Audio Performer5"

AFUL Performer 5 IEMs


  • Five-driver hybrid configuration
  • 1 Powerful Dynamic Driver for lower-end
  • Four High-Performance Customised Balanced Armature Drivers (2 for mids, 2 for highs)
  • EnvisionTEC High-Precision 3D Printed Acoustic Tube Structure
  • High-Damping Air-Pressure Balance System
  • RLC Network Frequency Division Correction Technology.
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight
  • Unique designer face covers

Performer 5 is a brand new five-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors from AFUL Acoustics. The pair houses a combination of a powerful dynamic driver and four high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side tuned precisely using in-house developed RLC Network Frequency Division Correction Technology. AFUL Acoustics has featured ergonomic and lightweight ear shells with uniquely textured face covers. With several different patented technologies from AFUL Acoustics, the Performer 5 is made to deliver a quality performance for its listeners with impressive sound delivery.

Specially Developed EnvisionTEC High-Precision 3D Printed Acoustic Tube Structure

Using high-quality 3D printing technology, AFUL Acoustics has designed a precise 3D printed acoustic tube structure for the Performer 5. They have named it EnvisionTEC acoustic tube structure. This features a 60mm ultra-long and ultra-thin bass tube with a 30mm mid-bass duct structure for a powerful, slamming bass response. It helps maintain a proper phase correction between different frequencies.

Unparalleled Sound With Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration

AFUL Acoustics Performer 5 gets a five-driver hybrid configuration for unmatched sound performance. The pair houses a custom dynamic driver with four balanced armature drivers. The dynamic driver here produces a powerful lower end while the Balanced Armatures are arranged for a clean midrange and accurate treble response.

RLC Network Frequency Division Correction Technology

In order to get the best out of the five-driver hybrid configuration, Performer 5 features in-house developed RLC Network Frequency Division Technology. It not only allows the different drivers to have accurate frequency division but also corrects their non-ideal frequency response for certain frequency bands presenting the listeners with a smooth frequency response without any peaks or irregularities.

High-Damping Air-Pressure Balance System

AFUL Acoustics Performer 5 is designed with a high-damping air-pressure balance system. It releases the air pressure inside the ear canal when the pair is worn promising a comfortable listening experience. With this specially designed air-pressure balance system, the bass texture and slam of the Performer 5 are also improved.

Compact & Ergonomic Design

With precise accuracy and ergonomically designed ear shells, the comfort level of the Performer 5 is top-notch. The pair has been designed to deliver a super comfortable listening experience for most users.

Technical Specifications

Impedance: 35Ω

Sensitivity: 110dB@1kHz

Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-35kHz

Passive Noise Reduction: 26dB

Connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm

Termination: 3.5mm

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