XENNS Mangird Top

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XENNS Mangird Top -  9 Way In-Ear Headphones Product Information "XENNS Mangird Top...
Product information "XENNS Mangird Top"

XENNS Mangird Top - 9 Way In-Ear Headphones

Product Information "XENNS Mangird Top

XENNS Mangird Top - Highest sound performance, visually unique and flexible in use

XENNS was founded by a small group of young engineers who were united by a passion for music and High-Resolution Audio. Through the combination of different knowledge in electrical and studio engineering a number of renowned in-ear monitors have already been brought to market. Each handmade in small batches, which results in easy quality control and promises unique quality control and promises unique character.

The highlights of the XENNS Mangird Top at a glance:

8 Balanced Armature drivers + 1 Dynamic driver

- Excellent sound tuning

- Handmade

- Synthetic resin from Germany

- Cable with exchangeable plugs

Uncompromising sound

XENNS goes all out with the Mangird Top and offers uncompromising sound. uncompromising sound. For the ultra-high frequency range, a Knowles 32406 Dual Balanced Armature driver is used for the ultra-high frequency range. two E50D Dual Balanced Armature drivers. To reproduce the midrange decently two Sonion 2600s are used. In order to achieve unimaginable a full 10 mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver is used. dynamic driver is used.

Uniqueness through handcrafted design

Visually, no compromises have to be accepted. The handcrafted made of German medical-grade synthetic resin and hardened with UV light. and is hardened with UV light. The front panel is also handmade. This not only a very resistant and durable housing, but also a unique and a unique look that varies from in-ear monitor to in-ear monitor.

Full cable flexibility

The cable used in the XENNS Mangird Top is made of 6N OCC copper, which is used in the silver-plated in the production process for the best possible transmission. The plug can be changed as desired, so in addition to the usual 3.5 mm 3.5 mm variant, a 4.4 and 2.5 mm jack are also possible. On the other side is a 2-pin plug, which makes it easy to change the cable. cable can be changed without any problems.

Technical data

Brand: XENNS

Model: Mangird Top

Impedance: 25 Ω

Frequency: 20 Hz - 44 kHz

Enclosure: Handmade synthetic resin from Germany hardened with UV light

Cable: High purity monocrystalline and silver plated copper. 2-pin (0.78 mm) 3.5 mm, 2.5 mm and 4.4 mm jack

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