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LET SHUOER EJ07M - Electrostatic + DD + BA Driver 7 Driver Hybrid System Excellent...
Product information "LET SHUOER EJ07M"

LET SHUOER EJ07M - Electrostatic + DD + BA Driver

  • 7 Driver Hybrid System
  • Excellent hybrid driver - Seven drivers in one housing
  • Exquisite CNC stainless steel SUS 316 housing
  • Flexible detachable 2pin high purity OCC cable
  • Unique abstract artistic front panel decorated with carbon fiber and gold flakes

EJ07M-The sequel to the EJ07

Following the success of the legendary flagship EJ07, Shuoer is now releasing a production version of the EJ07-the EJ07M. Not only is it affordable, but it also features excellent driver configurations. Similar to the EJ07, this model uses hybrid drivers to achieve amazing sound quality. The good arrangement of the electrostatic driver, balanced armature and dynamic driver provide accurate and detailed sound

Hybrid driver IEM with advanced electrostatic technology.

  • Powerful with four Sonion EST65QB02 electrostatic drivers
  • two Sonion 2389 and one 10 mm nanocarbon diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Nanocarbon diaphragm that provides low distortion and impressive treble response via an exquisitely tuned three-way crossover.

The LETSHUOER EJ07M is ideal for stage performances for mixing in the studio or simply for enjoying music.

Long sessions and passive noise reduction

Let Shuoer EJ07M is housed in an aerospace aluminum enclosure, which offers two advantages. One is to ensure fatigue-free long sessions by providing a good grip in the ear. The other is the isolation of ambient noise with up to 26dB. At the same time, it has a unique faceplate design and a powder-blasted smooth surface.

The EJ07M is a fashion statement in itself

Whether on stage or in the studio, the EJ07M has you covered. Premium stainless steel earcups and designer faceplates.

The earcups of the EJ07M are made of premium 316L stainless steel. They feature an ergonomic shape for a comfortable fit and artistic designer faceplates for a unique look. 

CNC stainless steel SUS 316 housing

Shuoer uses stainless SUS 316 material for the housing, which is CNC machined.

Detachable 2Pin OCC Cable

Let Shuoer EJ07M comes with an OCC monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable. The braided cable helps reduce cable noise. The interchangeable cable design also ensures complete upgradeability. You can replace the cable with any other to have more fun with music.

Package contents


Cable (3.5 mm single-ended or 4.4 mm balanced)

Metal carrying case

2 pairs of foam attachments

 3 pairs of silicone attachments


Impedance: 19 ohms.

Sensitivity: 107 dB.

Frequency range: 20Hz-30kHz.

Distortion: 0.5%.

Connection type: standard 0.78mm.

High purity OCC copper cable.

Available with 3.5mm and balanced 4.4mm connectors.

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