Ucotech IL1000

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  • HL02188
Ucotech IL 1000     3D-printed and die-cast zinc alloy...
Product information "Ucotech IL1000"

Ucotech IL 1000

  •     3D-printed and die-cast zinc alloy
  •      8mm IDP (8mm dynamic driver)
  •     OCC 6N 4-wire silver-plated cable with 2-pin connectors and 4.4mm balanced output (3.5m adapter included)
  •     Sounds best when used with a simple DAP or DAC with balanced output

The Ucotech IL1000 is an incredibly good sounding IEM for its price point. Voices sound natural and realistic, accompanied by coherent bass, natural mids, non-piercing highs and tight but not overdriven bass.

Unique cabinet
The 3D-SLA printed cabinet with a die-cast zinc alloy front panel is robust, precise and solid. Hand polished cabinet refined with water transfer printing process.

8mm dynamic IDP system
IDP is applied to a special 8mm dynamic driver newly perfected by Yukotek. IDP is a new chamber structure developed by Yukotek that stands for "Independent Dynamic in Pocket". The moulded pocket forms a separate chamber. It makes airflow more natural while controlling unnecessary flow. To create a product that goes beyond the limits of a single driver, Yukotek has developed an IDP with separate chambers. The result is detailed highs and ultra-highs, not muffled mids and tight bass.

Convenient connection options
The 0.78 mm 2-pin jacks can be used to connect or disconnect cables. Once plugged in, the cable is firm and secure in use. The cable is designed to be interchangeable, giving you the freedom to change cables to suit your preferences. For audiophiles, the balanced 4.4 mm connector allows you to connect directly to your hi-fi components. In addition, the OCC 6N 4Core cable has a silver coating to minimise sound loss. For connection to 3.5 mm jacks, we have developed the 4.4 to 3.5 mm adapter. (included in delivery)

Square case
Keeping your equipment and cables safe is of paramount importance. A square EVA pouch protects your products from external influences.

Earplugs in 7 different sizes
Ear tips improve the fit of your product and are an important part of sound tuning. We offer 7 different sizes of earplugs to perfect your sound and fit. We have three standard earplug sizes and four new sizes so you can choose your favourite.

Driver housing: 3D SLA printing + zinc alloy die-casting with water transfer printing
Driver: 8mm UCOTECH's Dynamic with IDP (Independent Dynamic in Pocket)
Impedance: 16ohm
Sensitivity: 105dB/mW
Cable type: 0.78 2pin/ 120cm long
Cable: OCC 6N 4Core Litz Silver-Plated

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