Ucotech RE2

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  • HL02187
Ucotech RE-2     Sophisticated build, solid brass body and curved nozzle...
Product information "Ucotech RE2"

Ucotech RE-2

  •     Sophisticated build, solid brass body and curved nozzle for a more comfortable fit
  •     Beryllium-coated 10mm dynamic drivers
  •     OCC 6N 4-core silver-plated cable with MMCX plugs and 3.5mm connector included

Brass body completes the sound
The Ucotech RE-2 consists of three separate parts that have undergone extensive machining. All parts are milled and polished from brass. The middle and lower parts are machined with 5-axis C.N.C. due to their complexity. They are finished with a manual lapping process to smooth the surface. In addition, the bottom part is finished with a diamond C-grinding.

The internal airflow
There is a small hole on the top of the Ucotech RE-2 centre section. This structure allows the air pressure generated by the internal volume to be controlled through the tube and channels on the sides. Controlling the air pressure allows the sound to be more complete in a cylindrical structure.

New materials for a rounder sound
The 10 mm thick beryllium-coated material allows you to discover new sounds. It is metallic and offers excellent elasticity for better vibrations.

Comfortable fit
To create a more comfortable fit in a cylindrical structure, the nozzle of the RE-2 has been angled slightly. The angled nozzle provides a more comfortable fit.

Silver-plated cable included
The OCC 6N 4CORE stranded cable is silver-plated for added performance. Shrink tubing ear muffs make over-ear headphones even more comfortable to use.

Housing Meterial: Brass metal housing
Driver: 10mm Berillium Coating
Dynamic frequency range: 20 ~ 20,000Hz
Impedance: 32Ω ± 15%
Sensitivity: 11db/mW ± 15%
Cable: Type MMCX / 3.5mm Gold Plated Plug
Cable Meterial: OCC 6N 4core Silver-Plated
UCO Earplugs: (S, M, L) / square pocket / MMCX detachable helper

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