7HZ Legato

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  • HL02151
7Hz Legato Dual Dynamic Driver headphones IEM with N52 magnet, CNC aluminium cabinet,...
Product information "7HZ Legato"

7Hz Legato

Dual Dynamic Driver headphones IEM with N52 magnet, CNC aluminium cabinet, detachable OCC 0.78mm 2pin cable

  •     12mm woofer + 6mm tweeter/midrange for Dual Dynamic Driver setup
  •     Unique crossover with 8 audio-grade tantalum capacitors manufactured in Japan
  •     2-pole 0.78mm OCC + silver plated OCC cable, detachable
  •     Aerospace-grade CNC aluminium enclosure, a highly durable and ergonomic material.

In spring 2023, the 7HZ team will launch the first result of its extended research:
The Dual Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor - 7HZ Legato. "Legato" literally means a smooth transformation from a single dynamic driver to two dynamic drivers. Without any compromise, you can hear more directly and clearly, a pure, unadulterated audio. So far, the 7HZ Salnotes Zero, the king of single dynamic drivers, has been highly praised by the community. Now it's time for an even better, ultimate and limitless listening experience.

12mm woofer+6mm tweeter/midrange driver
The 7HZ Legato is a dual dynamic driver IEM that combines the benefits of high fidelity sound with best-in-class performance. The 12mm woofer features a custom multi-layer composite cone and a powerful N52 magnet for powerful, punchy bass with deep rumble. The newly designed 6mm tweeter/midrange features a double-cavity structure and custom metal cone with high rigidity and low mass for exceptional tweeter performance. It is a powerful driver configuration that is also brilliant.

Aerospace-grade CNC aluminium cabinet
The 7HZ Legato's cabinet is CNC machined from aerospace-grade aluminium for a precise fit. The thread pattern on the front panel keeps the headphones off your fingertips and gives them a modern look. Designed with ergonomics in mind and using high-precision measurements, the 7HZ Legato offers both comfort and durability when worn.

Unique crossover
Audio-quality tantalum capacitors The 7HZ Legato features a unique crossover with 8 Japanese-made tantalum capacitors that provide high-precision, stable performance and give the user a better detail, tonality and sound experience. The unique crossover has been specifically designed in accordance with the characteristics of the dynamic drivers. Combined with the advanced crossover technology and capacitors, the 7HZ Legato headphones are sure to deliver a hi-fi sound that is pleasing to your ears.

OCC+Silver Coated Detachable Cable
The heart and soul of headphones is the cable. With Legato, high-quality materials and care ensure an optimal listening experience. It features a detachable silver-plated OCC cable. The detachable cable allows you to freely choose your preferred cable configuration for easy and flexible use with music players and a perfect sound experience.


Model: Legato
Driver: 12mm and 6mm dynamic drivers
Diaphragm: fourth generation DLC composite diaphragm.
Impedance: 26Ω(@1KHz)
Sensitivity: 108dB/v@1KHz
Frequency response: 10Hz-20Khz
Distortion:<1%/1Khz CABLE OCC+silver plated OCC
Connector: 0.78mm 2-pole
Housing material: aerospace grade CNC aluminium

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