Softears Turii Ti

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  • HL02131
Softears Turii Ti     High quality aerospace titanium alloy shells...
Product information "Softears Turii Ti"

Softears Turii Ti

  •     High quality aerospace titanium alloy shells
  •     Unique and elegant twisted design
  •     Customised configuration of a single dynamic driver
  •     Supports low impedance with values up to 25Ω
  •     Brass inner cavity
  •     PEEK suspension combined with rigid DLC composite diaphragm
  •     Powerful magnetic flux (over 1.6T)

Softears Turii Ti, the brand new special edition Turii with aerospace grade titanium alloy ear cups. Yes, you read that right, Softears has released a variant of the famous IEM with a titanium alloy dynamic driver. With this special edition, we not only get premium titanium earcups, but also a few more upgrades like a pure sterling silver cable with interchangeable connector plugs, premium Softears Ultra-Clear ear tips, a new grey earphone carrying case and more. To maintain sound performance, Softears has incorporated a brass internal cavity structure. With the Turii Ti, you can enjoy your music with a whole new level of clarity and detail.

Aerospace-grade titanium alloy ear cups.
Titanium is an extremely rare material. It is lightweight and has excellent strength, making it an ideal choice for high quality and specialised IEMs. Softears has developed the latest Turii Ti using a high quality aerospace grade titanium alloy for the ear cups. The ear cups are polished and carved and have a well-textured, smooth surface with a shiny silver look. The Turii Ti ear cups are extremely lightweight for a comfortable wearing experience.

Single Dynamic Driver Flagship
Turii by Softears is the flagship of Softears' Single Dynamic Driver IEMs. The latest special edition Softears Turii Ti also offers powerful performance with a single dynamic driver configuration. Here, Softears has designed a custom dynamic driver with PEEK suspension and lightweight Diamond-Like Carbon(DLC) diaphragm coil. With professional tuning settings, the Turii Ti achieves authentic and detailed high-resolution sound performance.

Brass internal cavity structure
Softears designed the cavity structure of the Turii Ti using a high-quality brass internal cavity. It is located on the back of the shells and has seven vents. These vents exchange airflow with the diaphragm and control its resonance behaviour. These air vents also maintain air pressure inside the cavity structure.

Lower distortion with strong magnetic flux
Using neodymium magnets in the magnetic circuit, the Softears Turii generates a strong magnetic flux for the driver unit. It generates up to 1.6T of magnetic force with a circuit similar to that of a full-sized headphone. Thanks to this strong magnetic flux, the diaphragm moves smoothly and quickly and has lower distortion over a wide frequency range.

Rich accessories with pure sterling silver cable and ultra-clear ear tips
Softear's Turii Ti is a premium dynamic in-ear monitor. The pair comes with rich accessories that include a high-purity sterling silver cable and ultra-clear ear tips. The cable has interchangeable plugs, so you can easily switch between 4.4 mm/2.5 mm/3.5 mm connectors. Also included is a high quality carrying case for the earphones.

Unique & beautiful design with a comfortable fit
The Softears Turii Ti has a design all its own. It looks completely unique with a twisted design for the cavities and ear cups made from a titanium alloy. The titanium alloy allowed Softears to keep the ear cups lightweight and comfortable.

Technical data
Impedance: 25Ω.
Sensitivity: 117dB/1Vrms.
Frequency response: 20Hz-42kHz.
Effective frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz.
THD+N: <0.1%.

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