TinHiFi T3 Plus

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  • HL02081
TinHiFi T3 PLUS Product information "TinHiFi T3 PLUS" The highlights of the TinHiFi T3...
Product information "TinHiFi T3 Plus"


Product information "TinHiFi T3 PLUS"

The highlights of the TinHiFi T3 PLUS at a glance:

  •     Latest diaphragm generation
  •     Balanced sound
  •     Ergonomic design
  •     Handcrafted front panel with marble look
  •     Upgraded cable

Latest generation Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm

The TinHiFi T3 PLUS use a brand new Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm design. This new material design improves the reactivity and surface tension of the diaphragm through a more integrative carbon network structure in the polymer compound. This results in both higher resolution and more accurate sound reproduction, as well as reduced distortion.

Balanced sound

TinHiFi's T3 PLUS have been tuned so that an overall harmonic balance is the best description of the sound signature. The bass plays strong, but doesn't lay it on too thick. The mids play very naturally and the highs are not overemphasised, so they fit well into the overall picture. A sound experience that will surely satisfy many musical tastes.

Ergonomic design

The T3 PLUS uses 3D printing technology to simulate the human ear through computer simulation to provide the best possible ergonomics. The outwardly pronounced fit means that the full sound experience can be enjoyed even over extended periods of time.

Handcrafted front panel with marble look

The cabinet of the T3 PLUS is made of a resin material and is manufactured using the 3D printing process. The design is rounded off by selected, high-quality front panels with a marble texture. These are polished by hand and enhanced with a UV treatment process to ensure the longest possible life.

Upgraded cable

A 1.25m long high-quality cable made from oxygen-free copper is included with the TinHiFi T3 PLUS. This cable is insulated with 200D Kevlar and offers the best possible protection. The 2-pin plug design allows the in-ear monitors to be used with a different cable at any time. The 3.5 mm jack guarantees use on a wide range of today's mobile devices.

Technical data

Brand: TinHiFi

Model: T3 PLUS

Impedance: 32 Ω ± 15 %

Frequency: 10 Hz - 20 kHz

Housing: resin

Cable: High-purity copper, 2-pin, 3.5 mm jack

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