TinHiFi T3

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  • HL02080
TinHiFi T3 Product information "TinHiFi T3" The highlights of the TinHiFi T3 at a...
Product information "TinHiFi T3"

TinHiFi T3

Product information "TinHiFi T3"

The highlights of the TinHiFi T3 at a glance:

  •     Precise sound and coherent sound image
  •     Double sided ventilation
  •     1.2 m long copper cable, flexible due to MMCX
  •     Focus on comfortable wearing

Precise sound and coherent sound image

The Knowles Balanced Armature, in combination with the PU + PEK Dynamic diaphragm, enables a very precise as well as fine sound signature. The TinHiFi T3 offer a good sound and do not disappoint even at the price. A clean low bass meets clearly worked out highs and very balanced mids.

Double-sided ventilation

In order not to limit the PU + PEK Dynamic diaphragm technically, a sophisticated design with double side ventilation is used. This allows for good spatial reproduction and at the same time protects against too much heat in the ear.

1.2 m copper cable, flexible due to MMCX

The TinHiFi T3s come with a high-quality 1.2 m long cable made of oxygen-free copper, which has been silver-plated for better transmission. Strict controls during the manufacturing process ensure a high quality standard. This is the only way to ensure that the sound potential is fully exploited. Thanks to the established MMCX connector, however, the cable can be replaced at any time in a few simple steps.

Comfortable wearing in focus

Once again, wearing comfort is one of the central elements on which TinHiFi places particular emphasis. Thanks to their light weight and cylindrical design, the T3s are hardly noticeable in the ear and are not distracting even during prolonged musical enjoyment. The various ear tips included in the delivery allow the in-ears to be adapted to the user's own ear canal, further optimising the sound experience.

Technical data

Brand: TinHiFi

Model: T3

Impedance: 16 Ω

Frequency: 10 Hz - 40 kHz

Enclosure: aluminium

Cable: High purity copper, silver plated MMCX, 3.5 mm jack

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