KiwiEars Cadenza

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Kiwi Ears Cadenza Product Information "Kiwi Ears Cadenza" Kiwi Ears is a young brand...
Product information "KiwiEars Cadenza"

Kiwi Ears Cadenza

Product Information "Kiwi Ears Cadenza"

Kiwi Ears is a young brand driven by the pursuit of exceptional audio reproduction. The company understands this to be the perfect blend of technological innovation and refined tuning strategies. Each device is handcrafted to allow the listener to focus completely on the audio experience.

The highlights of the Kiwi Ears Cadenza at a glance:

- Unbeatable performance to price ratio.

- 10 mm Beryllium dynamic driver

- 3D printed housing structure

- Detachable 3.5 mm copper cable

P/L ratio redefined - 3D printing and beryllium

Kiwi Ears relies on 10 mm drivers made of beryllium, a high-quality and particularly durable material, for its Cadenza in-ears. To achieve the desired balanced sound signature, the housing structure was specially developed and produced using 3D printing.

Thanks to the beryllium drivers, the mids sound rich and very detailed. The treble, on the other hand, scores with the natural curvature of the Harman reference standard used, resulting in natural and fatigue-free sound. The basses are presented crisply and due to the fast decay, the mids are spared from mud or bloat.

Especially for the targeted price, Kiwi Ears convinces with the Cadenza with a more than convincing performance that promises full sound experience.

4-core detachable copper cable

So that the produced sound also reaches the ear canal unadulterated, the Kiwi Ears Cadenza is based on a 4-core braided copper cable. In addition to the 3.5 mm jack, the familiar 2-pin connectors are also used. The copper cable can therefore be flexibly replaced at any time by other cables or wireless devices such as the FiiO UTWS3 and thus adapted to their own needs.

Technical Data

Brand: Kiwi Ears

Model: Cadenza

Impedance: 32Ω

Frequency: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Housing: Medical grade resin

Cable: 1.2 m 8 wires, high purity, monocrystalline and silver plated copper

Connector system: 2-pin (0.78 mm)

Connector to source: 3.5 mm jack


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