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  • HL02019.35
LET SHUOER D13 Custom 13 mm DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) diaphragm  Customised...
Product information "LET SHUOER D13"


  • Custom 13 mm DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) diaphragm 
  • Customised large-diameter 13 mm dynamic driver
  • Ergonomic design Dynamic driver with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) diaphragm
  • Handmade 4-core 216-strand monocrystalline copper

New generation LET SHUOER D13

LET SHUOER D13 is the new dynamic driver IEM designed and manufactured by Shuoer Acoustic Technology Company Limited. It is equipped with a custom 13mm DLC cone, which is the new R&D achievement of our team. It is an innovative dynamic driver IEM or moving coil headphone manufactured for audiophiles and music lovers. The ergonomic design of the LETSHUOER D13 housing and earhook make it comfortable to wear.

Customised large-diameter 13 mm dynamic driver

The most notable feature of the D13 is its smooth sound profile, which is due to the large DLC diaphragm and N52 neodymium magnets. It has tight bass, clear mids and shimmering highs without fatigue. It is an innovative dynamic driver designed and manufactured by the Shuoer Acoustics team.

Dynamic driver with diamond-like carbon (DLC) diaphragm

High-strength profile that eliminates unwanted distortion while being lightweight, resulting in a fast transient response. It is a great pleasure to discover the fun that such an amazing dynamic driver brings.

Handmade 4-wire 216-core monocrystalline copper cable

The cable of the LETSHUOER D13 has been specially designed to meet the needs of music lovers of different music genres. By reducing the impedance in the conductor, it provides a clearer and organic performance in the mid-frequency range.

The LETSHUOER D13 is available with two different connection options. 3.5 mm or 4.4 mm.


Sensitivity 105±1 db

Distortion 0.1696±0.1

Impedance 160

Connection 0.78 2-pole

Frequency response 20-20kHz

Socket 3,5mm/4,4mm

Enclosure material Aluminium

Manufacturing process CNC

Diaphragm material DLC 1 Diamond-like carbon

Diameter of driver 13mm

Driver construction High quality N52 neodymium

Filter Replaceable treble tuning nozzles

Cable 216 strands of high purity copper


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