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DUNU ZEN PRO Product information "DUNU ZEN PRO" DUNU ZEN PRO - 13.5 mm dynamic driver...
Product information "DUNU ZEN Pro"


Product information "DUNU ZEN PRO"

DUNU ZEN PRO - 13.5 mm dynamic driver with ECLIPSƎ technology, anodised and CNC-milled and an uncompromisingly good cable Dunu was founded in 2006, has its roots in China and Taiwan. The manufacturer stands out from its competitors primarily by its extremely strong focus on research and development. research and development. The ZEN PRO is one of the ECLIPSƎ flagships of the manufacturer, which has been technically has been gone into. The ZEN PROs are the successors to the ZENs, in which the sound image in particular sound has been sustainably improved.

The highlights of the DUNU ZEN PRO at a glance:

- Dunu's patented ECLIPSƎ Driver Technology

- CNC-milled 316 stainless steel with scratch-resistant and titanium-grey anodised finish

- Rich 13.5mm 2nd generation driver made from a magnesium-aluminium alloy with nanoporous amorphous carbon coating (nanoDLC)

- Flexible use thanks to 4-core cable made of Furukawa OCC copper and Neotech silver with interchangeable connectors


Dunu's bundle of patents

The ECLIPSƎ Driver Technology ECLIPSƎ was developed for the flagship LUNA with the aim of bringing unrivalled good sound within reach -various reviews confirm that this project was successful. that this project was successful. This technology was also integrated in the development of the ZEN PRO. ECLIPSƎ refers less to the membrane material, but to the design of the earpiece, driver surround and voice coil are designed.

Dreamlike housing - CNC-milled 316 stainless steel with scratch-resistant and titanium-grey anodisation

The cabinet of the DUNU ZEN PRO is milled from 316 stainless steel and anodised anodised in a titanium grey finish. This not only gives the In-Ears their attractive and and noble appearance, but also effectively protects against scratches. The inner ECLIPSƎ driver module inside has been installed so efficiently that there is hardly any free space left. space, making the ZEN PRO a true masterpiece of engineering. engineering.

Highest sound purity through 13.5 mm drivers of the 2nd generation.

Generation Dunu focuses strongly on research and development, so it comes as no surprise that that second-generation 13.5 mm drivers are now being used. These drivers magnesium-aluminium alloy with a nanoporous amorphous carbon coating (nanoDLC). carbon coating (nanoDLC). This not only sounds impressive, but also sounds impressive. Also, the criticism of the lack of the DUNU ZEN and the problem has been directly addressed. addressed directly. All of the manufacturer's experience has gone into the ZEN PRO. which in turn has a direct effect on the sound image achieved.

Uncompromisingly good 4-conductor cable with interchangeable plugs

With the high-quality technology built into the DUNU ZEN PRO, it's hardly surprising that the that no expense was spared on the headphone cable. The 1.2 m long cable is made of 4 wires with a mixture of high-purity Furukawa Electric OCC copper and Neotech Neotech pure silver wires, which are interwoven with each other. in a round stranded configuration to eliminate phase interference and microphonics. to minimise phase interference and microphonics. On the ZEN PRO side, the the familiar and proven MMCX connector is used, which allows the cable to be which allows the cable to be exchanged at a later date - which, from a qualitative quality point of view. At the other end we find the equally proven DUNU Quick-Switch Modular Plug System - no matter which of the common end devices is preferred, the necessary necessary adapter is included.

Technical data

Brand: DUNU

Model: ZEN PRO

Impedance: 16Ω @ 1kHz

Sensitivity: 112 ± 1 dB at 1 kHz

Frequency: 5 Hz - 40 kHz THD + N < 0.2% at 1 kHz

Enclosure: S316 Stainless Steel

Cable: 1.2 m, 4 Core, High-Purity Mixed-Strand Furukawa OCC Copper & Neotech Silver

MMCX Connector DUNU Quick-Switch Modular Plug System Included adapters 4.4 mm TRRRS Balanced 3.5 mm TRS Single-Ended 2.5 mm TRRS Balanced

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