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Moodrop SSP - Super Spaceship Pulse The high-resolution sound performance is based on...
Product information "Moondrop SSP"

Moodrop SSP - Super Spaceship Pulse

The high-resolution sound performance is based on reliable materials

Compared to its brother, the SSR model, the SSP is tuned a little more neutrally.

Both IEM, the SSR and SSP use the same components. Only the sound tuning is responsible for the difference in sound.


-Beryllium-coated, flexible polyurethane cone with high stiffness/damping factor

-Ultra-light CCAW coil with low impedance

-N52 external magnetic circuit

Frequency response is important

Frequency response for IEM is not everything, but it is important to reproduce the timbre of the original recording. To achieve this, the bass and mid-high frequencies must be flat in relation to the HRTF target for diffuse sound.

Silver-plated, detachable OFC cable

-SSR uses standard 0. 78mm 2pin connectors with silver "thick plated".

-OFC cables with transparent, highly elastic sheathing. This allows the user to change the original, upgrade or Bluetooth cable at will for different usage scenarios and more fun.

Redesigned anti-attenuation filter

Unlike some other IEMs on the market, MOONDROP has integrated an acoustic attenuator and filter in one housing to provide precise control of frequency response. The internal damper is at some risk of contamination from moisture or verumen, which causes an imbalance in volume. To address this, we have developed a new three-layer anti-clog filter/damper. It effectively reduces the risk of clogging problems causing volume imbalance.

Specification details:

-Impedance: 16ohm@l000Hz

-Frequency response: 20-20000HZ(EC60318-4)/20-40000Hz (% Inch Free field MIc)

-THD:<=1% -

-cone: beryllium-coated dome + PU suspension ring

-Coil: 0.035mm-CCAW(Daikoku)

-magnet: N52-High Density Magnetic Circuit

-acoustic filter: patented anti-blocking filter

-Cable: 4N silver-plated OFC stranded wire

-Connectors: 0.78-2 pin

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