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  • HL01932
Moodrop SSR - Super Spaceship Reference High resolution sound performance relies on...
Product information "Moondrop SSR"

Moodrop SSR - Super Spaceship Reference

High resolution sound performance relies on reliable materials

-Beryllium plated High rigidity/damping factor flexible Polyurethane diaphragm 

-Ultra-lightweight CCAW low impedance coil

-N52 external magnet circuit

Frequency response matters

Frequency responses for IEM don't decide everything, but it is important. To reproduce the timbre of original recording, it means flat bass response and mid-high response with respect to the diffuse sound HRTF* target. Based on canonized "Spaceship". SSR continues to offer an option in the mass-market price for faithful reproduction of timbre and soundstage.

Silver-plated OFC removable cable

-SSR uses standard 0. 78mm 2pin connectors with silver "thick plated"

-OFC wires with transparent, highly elastic wrapping.

This enables users to change from original to upgrade cable or Bluetooth cable to their liking for different user scenarios and more fun.

Redesign Anti Clogging filter/damper

Unlike some other IEMs on the market, MOONDROP implements acoustical damper and filter into one package in order to make precise control of frequency response. Its inner damper suffers some risk of contamination by vapor or earwax which causes volume imbalance. (lt's actually #1 cause of warranty isses.) To fix that we developed a new triple layer anti clogging fiIter /damper. It effectively reduces the risk of clogging issues that end with volume imbalance. All our products finished after April 2020 will come with this filter, our official store has them in stock already. Users suffering volume imbalance can purchase/replace filters on their own.

Quality headphones that are Faithful to Recording

In contrast to competitors in this price that unruly overstate bass, SSR remain faithful to the original recording, aiming for authentic pure sound with undecorated bass and reference treble.

Specification Details


-Frequency Response: 20-20000HZ(EC60318-4)/20-40000Hz (% Inch Free field MIc)


-Housing Material: Liquid Metal AIIoy Housing

-Diaphragm: BeryIIium-Coated Dome+PU suspension Ring


-Magnet: N52-High Density Magnetic Circuit

-Acoustic Filter: Patented Anti-blocking Filter

-Cable: Silver Plated 4N-Litz OFC

-Connectors:0.78-2 pin

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