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iBasso AMP13 iBasso AMP13
iBasso AMP13 3CH Vacuum Nutube Amp Card with 2 x 3,5mm outputs, one for tube purists with "low noise output" (2,5Vrms) and the second for maximum power (4,1Vrms). The sixth Korg Nutube generation was built in. Now you can enjoy tube...
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iBasso DC06 iBasso DC06
Zwei ESS ES9219C QUAD DAC+™ DAC-Chips. Abnehmbares Kabeldesign. 4,4 mm symmetrischer Ausgang und 3,5 mm unsymmetrischer Ausgang. Die AMP-Sektion verwendet eine dedizierte Stromversorgung, die es ihr ermöglicht, einen höheren...
€119.00 *
iBasso DX320 iBasso DX320
iBasso DX320 The new Reference Audio Player from iBasso features: - Dual System Controller - Two internal batteries (for analogue and digital section) - With ROHM MUS-IC D/A converters (BD34301 EKV) - Snapdragon 660 processor with 6GB...
€1,599.00 *
iBasso AMP8 MK2 iBasso AMP8 MK2
The AMP8 MK2 is designed for the DX240 and has both a high voltage and a high current output. The high-current output is useful for multi-driver, low-impedance in-ear monitors. The +/-8V comprehensive voltage range improves dynamics and...
€219.00 *
iBasso DX240 Case + 3 Adapter Platten für Module iBasso DX240 Case + 3 Adapter Platten für Module
iBAsso DX240 Case including three adapter plates for use with modules of other iBasso players
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iBasso DC05 iBasso DC05
€69.00 *
iBasso DX240 iBasso DX240
iBasso DX240 – So schön klingt Geburtstag Der iBasso DX240 in der Zusammenfassung: iBasso macht sich mit dem iBasso DX240 zum 15. Geburtstag selbst ein Geschenk. Einen hervorragend klingenden portablen Music Player mit dem gewohnt...
€899.00 * €999.00 *
iBasso DX300MAX iBasso DX300MAX
iBasso DX300 MAX – Jetzt müssen Sie stark sein Der iBasso DX300 MAX in der Zusammenfassung: Was passiert, wenn man seinen Entwicklern praktisch freie Hand lässt und sie einen Music Player der Referenzklasse entwickeln lässt? Ein über 700...
€2,299.00 *
iBasso AMP12 iBasso AMP12
Ibasso AMP12 Headphone Amplifier Module for iBasso DX300 Hi-Res Audio Player With 4.4mm balanced headphone output and 4.4mm balanced line-out output
€229.00 *
iBasso IT01X iBasso IT01X
iBasso IT01X - Generation Brass and Beryllium The iBasso IT01X at a glance: The latest addition to the successful InTune range uses advanced technology and sophisticated materials. The IT01X uses a membrane coated with beryllium on both...
€119.00 *
iBasso DX300 mit AMP11 MK2 iBasso DX300 mit AMP11 MK2
iBasso DX300 - One for all! The iBasso DX300 in summary: The iBasso DX300 is the evolution of the DX220 with the experience and concept of the DX 220 MAX. Separate circuits for analogue and digital sections, a gigantic 6.5″ touch display...
€1,199.00 *
iBasso CB16 iBasso CB16
IEM replacement cable 4.4mm Pentacon to 2 x MMCX
€99.00 * €129.00 *
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