STAX Spirit S3

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Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 - Inspired by the best of its kind The Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 in...
Product information "STAX Spirit S3"

Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 - Inspired by the best of its kind

The Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 in summary:

These headphones are not just "another Blueooth headphone", but practically the all-star among them! It brings together the roots of two world-renowned headphone brands, STAX (acquired by Edifier) and Audeze (from whom they have licensed technology), to create a truly premium hi-fi product. How? Read below.

- Planar Magnetic Drivers - Clear, undistorted and dynamic sound.

- EqualMass™ diaphragm technology - The guarantee for balanced sound

- Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX and more - Advanced wireless technology on board

- Extreme battery life - Up to 80 hours of playtime - and ready to go again in 11 minutes

- Also a pleasure when wired - Can be connected via 3.5 mm jack cable


 Mag(net)ic appeal - thanks to the membrane concept

Unlike classic, dynamically constructed headphones with a voice coil and diaphragm fixed to it, the voice coil is practically applied directly to both sides of the diaphragm itself. This results in significantly greater precision and impulse fidelity compared to classically constructed headphones.

Sounds too theoretical for you? Then put the headphones on yourself and see for yourself.

EqualMass™ diaphragm technology - everything in balance

A wafer-thin diaphragm with embedded conductors sandwiched between a series of magnets is all about balance. The diaphragm must follow the music signal and the electric current with the utmost precision. To ensure that this works as expected, Edifier has taken various technologies from headphone specialists Audeze and integrated them into the STAX SPIRIT S3.

Uniforce™ Diaphragm - The right conductor for every magnetic field

The magnetic field in the headphones is not the same at all points along the diaphragm. A conductor with the same width from front to back would therefore cause the diaphragm to vibrate unevenly and distort the music signal.

And once you know this, the solution is actually quite simple: the conductor applied to the diaphragm is wider where the magnetic field is stronger and thinner where it is not quite so strong. As a result, the diaphragm is perfectly balanced at all times and the sound is pleasantly balanced and round.

Fluxor™ magnetic structure - asymmetry can also be beautiful

In most planar-magnetic headphones, the magnets lie parallel and thus generate their magnetic field. And that's just fine. But the Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 proves that this can be done even more cleverly!

Here, the two poles are not parallel to each other, but the magnets are arranged asymmetrically. This means that the south pole of each magnet is opposite the north pole of the other magnet, doubling the magnetic force!

Further increased precision and dynamics are the reward of this clever idea.

Fazor™ phase management - peace and harmony, even IN the headphones!

The common thing about generated sound is that it does not travel straight and streamlined, but in waves. This doesn't sound like a big problem at first, until you look at the construction of planar-magnetic headphones. Here, the sound also travels around the magnets and interacts with the next sound wave emerging from the magnetic gap, and the two "crash into each other", causing distortion.

This challenge is cleverly addressed in the Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 with the Fazor® element licensed from Audeze. These are placed on top of the magnets in the headphones and ensure an even waveform that doesn't get in each other's way. Or in other words, sound-damaging distortion is effectively countered and all that's left is clear, high-resolution sound with excellent stage imaging.

Bluetooth with Snapdragon Sound™ - Give your music what it deserves.

The Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 headphones are designed for every occasion. Not just for the privacy of your own home, but also and especially for when you're on the move. And as it happens, cables are just a nuisance when you're on the move. Edifier knows this, too, and has implemented Bluetooth in its headphones accordingly. But not just any Bluetooth solution, but one of the best currently available on the market: Snapdragon Sound™.

When the STAX SPIRIT S3 is paired with a Snapdragon Sound™-compatible source, the full bandwidth of 24 bit and 96 kHz is available for the transmission of music. And if the smartphone or other sources are not compatible, you still don't have to do without - because "classic" Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX™ HD, aptX™ Adaptive and SBC is also available. And the pairing can even be done with two devices in parallel. For example, with your smartphone to make phone calls (a microphone is of course also integrated in the headphones) and with your laptop to listen to music, play games or watch a film.

Gigantic battery life of up to 80 hours - and ready to go again in a jiffy

Hardly anything underlines the claim of being mobile headphones as much as the battery life. And the Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 is the king of this category. After all, up to 80 (!) hours of playtime (depending on the volume setting, the codec and the connection quality) await you!

Also fascinating: after only 10 minutes of charging, it already has power for 11 hours of music enjoyment. That's more than many Bluetooth headphones can do on a full charge!

Battery empty, fun over? - Not with the Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3!

Whether the battery is flat or you prefer a hard-wired solution at home, the STAX SPIRIT S3 is the answer. It comes with a 3.5 mm jack socket and a 6.35 mm adapter, so you can easily connect it to your stereo system. Plug it in and start listening, it's easy.

Cool or natural on the ear? - Nice to have a choice

The Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 comes with two different pairs of ear pads. On the one hand, the extremely elegant pads made of black lambskin leather, and on the other hand, breathable cool mesh ear pads for long listening sessions.

So you can decide how you want to listen to music in just a few simple steps.

Everything under control - with the practical Edifier Connect App

With so much smart technology built into one pair of headphones, it would almost be a sin not to give you access to it too. Thought, done - and so, using the free Edifier Connect App, you can not only try out different EQs, but also set different playback modes, right up to low-latency mode. This mode is always exciting when you want the headphones to react as quickly as possible - for example, when watching action films on the TV or playing fast games on the computer or console.

And when it's time to listen to audiophile music again, you can switch back to one of the other modes. Quite simply and conveniently via the app. If only everything were that simple...



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Specifications Bluetooth V5.2 Bluetooth Protocol A2DP, AVRCP, HFP Effective Distance 10M...


Bluetooth V5.2

Bluetooth Protocol A2DP, AVRCP, HFP

Effective Distance 10M

Playtime (hours) up to 80hrs

Battery Capacity 1500mAh

Charging Port USB-TypeC

Input 5V/1.5A

Charging Time Around 1.5hrs

Audio Coding Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive,Qualcomm® aptX™ HD,Qualcomm® aptX™,SBC

Driver 89mm*70mm Planar Magnetic Driver

Impedence 24Ω

Sound Pressure Level 94±3dB SPL (A)

Frequency Response 20Hz~40KHz

Mircophones 1 Microphone Type / Size MEMS / 3.50X2.65X0.98mm

Microphone Sensitivity -37dBFS±1dBFS

Weight 329g

Dimension (L x W x H mm) 208x110x255mm

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