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Shanling ME100 - Beautiful and perfectly comfortable to wear. The Shanling ME100 in-ear...
Product information "Shanling ME100"

Shanling ME100 - Beautiful and perfectly comfortable to wear.

The Shanling ME100 in-ear headphones are classic headphones with a dynamic driver inspired by the shape of a falling drop of water.
The highlights of the Shanling ME100 at a glance:

    Organic and beautiful shape - Inspired by the shape of falling water drops.
    High-quality and durable housing - combination of aluminium and tempered glass
    Dynamic nanocomposite driver - 10 mm diaphragm for maximum listening pleasure
    High magnetic flux density - One Tesla magnetic force provides structure and resolution
    Plenty of accessories included - Nine different ear tips, cable and carrying case

Sound and shape go hand in hand - Organic and natural

Shanling ME100 black background

When you first look at the Shanling ME100, one thing will immediately strike you: The natural shape of the headphones. This is based on the shape of water drops in nature and that's how the headphones sound. Natural and balanced.

This is also noticeable when you put the ME100 in your ear. You feel: Nothing. You hear: Everything. And that even with long and sustained listening.
A housing for eternity - aluminium and tempered glass

The housing of the headphones is made of high-quality, durable CNC-machined aluminium. The high-strength housing not only ensures that you have fun and enjoyment with your new headphones for a long time, but is also a support in terms of sound quality. Because the use of aluminium also effectively eliminates resonances that are harmful to the sound.

But the Shanling ME100 is not only robust and durable, it is also beautiful. For example, it has a fitting made of tempered glass, which gives the headphones the same high-quality look that you know from portable audio players like the M5s from Shanling.
A dynamic driver made of nanocomposite stands for the best sound

Shanling ME100 driver

The ten millimetre diameter polyethylene (PE) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) diaphragm, combined with Shanling's 30 years of hi-fi experience, ensures a perfectly balanced, clear and, above all, fatigue-free sound.

Enjoy music all day and for as long as you like.
One Tesla magnetic force provides stability, structure and control in the sound image

Shanling ME100 against a grey background

The diaphragm should follow even the slightest deflection in the music signal. Of course, this is only possible if the drive (aka magnetic force) is available and the diaphragm is driven in a correspondingly accurate and controlled manner.

Thankfully, this is no problem with the Shanling ME100. One Tesla of magnetic force is available in the ME100.
Lots of accessories in the scope of delivery - no wishes remain unfulfilled

Shanling ME100 Ear Tips

Whether it's a high-quality, 1.3 metre long MMCX headphone cable made of four strands of OFC copper, nine different pairs of Ear Tips for every listening taste and ear size as well as a cleaning brush for cleaning.

Shanling ME100 caseAnd the high-quality leather case - every detail has been thought of.
Do you appreciate good sound as much as we do?

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Modellbezeichnung: Shanling ME100 Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 4,5 mm...

Modellbezeichnung: Shanling ME100
Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 4,5 mm
Frequenzumfang: 20 Hz - 40 kHz
Wirkungsgrad: 111 dB +/-3 dB
Impedanz: 16 Ω
Kabellänge: 1,3 Meter
Gewicht: 28 Gramm
Farbe: Schwarz
Konnektivität: 3,5 mm Klinke
  • 1,3 Meter langes MMCX-Kopfhörerkabel aus jeweils vier Strängen OFC-Kupfer
  • Neun verschiedene Paar Ear Tips für jeden Hörgeschmack und Ohrgröße
  • Reinigungsbürste zum Reinigen
  • Hochwertige Tasche aus Leder
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