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  • HL01911
The highlights of the SMSL AD18 at a glance:   The SMSL AD18 is a combination device...
Product information "S.M.S.L AD18"

The highlights of the SMSL AD18 at a glance:


The SMSL AD18 is a combination device consisting of an amplifier/headphone amplifier and Bluetooth receiver.

This gives the prospective buyer a wide range of possibilities, which can be extremely interesting, especially at this price.


- Large selection of input interfaces - USB, coaxial, Bluetooth, optical inputs and AUX


- Bluetooth 4.2 guarantees a stable connection, supports apt-X and can be easily connected via NFC


- Outstanding rated power of 2x 80 watts (4Ω).


- Supplied remote control increases convenience


- Combination of TAS5508C and TAS5342A amplifier chips from Texas Instruments


TAS5508C and TAS5342A amplifier chips.

The combination of TAS5508C and TAS5342A enables the excellent rated power of 2x 80 watts, especially for the size of the unit. This means that it is also possible to play correspondingly powerful stereo loudspeakers. It is also possible to have the low frequencies generated via an additional subwoofer and to control them via the SMSL AD18, just like the speakers themselves.

Convenient operation with NFC and remote control

Take your smartphone in your hand, switch on the SMSL AD18 and connect both devices via a simple merge. It has never been easier to let two devices communicate with each other. The remote control included in the delivery increases the comfort even more, so it can also be operated from the couch.

The multitude of connections creates freedom

The SMSL AD18 can be supplied with sound via Bluetooth. In addition, various well-known analogue and digital connections are available. Micro USB with a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz, jack 3.5 mm, S/PDIF coaxial/optical and Toslink are on board. In combination with the high nominal power, a large number of application scenarios can be covered. In other words, you decide how and with which technology the SMSL AD18 is to be used.

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USB DSP Full Digital Power Amplifier 2.1 support Bluetooth 4.2/Aux/optical/coaxial inputs 80Wx2...

USB DSP Full Digital Power Amplifier 2.1 support Bluetooth 4.2/Aux/optical/coaxial inputs 80Wx2

This class d amplifier supports USB coaxial analog bluetooth and two optical inputs

With amplifier output port,3.5mm headphone jack and subwoofer outputs, 80w*2 output power,1.44-inch color screen,the brightness of the display can be adjusted

Customized BT4.2 Bluetooth Module,supports apt-x, easily connect with bluetooth by NFC

The bluetooth amplifier uses TAS5508C+TAS5342A from TI as amplifier chips, DSP technology, built-in SDB sound patented


What you get:SMSL AD18 amplifer,24v Power supply, MICRO USB cable,Remote control,Antenna

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