S.M.S.L SA300

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SMSL SA300 Product information "SMSL SA300 SMSL SA300 - Stereo amplifier with 2x 80 watts...
Product information "S.M.S.L SA300"


Product information "SMSL SA300

SMSL SA300 - Stereo amplifier with 2x 80 watts at 4 ohms, aptX-enabled Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm and volume control chip from Japan

With the SA300, the brand Foshan Shuangmusanlin Technology Co., Ltd. (SMSL) offers a low-priced stereo amplifier that relies on proven technology and can be used flexibly via Bluetooth 5.0. 32bit / 384kHz via USB input and the support of aptX are part of the good tone. As a little treat, the use of an active subwoofer is also supported, which means that a 2.1 sound system can also be operated.

The highlights of the SMSL SA300 at a glance:

- Efficiency of up to 92% and low power consumption thanks to the Infineon power amplifier chip.

- All necessary interfaces on board - USB, Bluetooth, Cinch and AUX

- Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX support

- Outstanding rated power of 2x 80 watts (4Ω) Class D.

- In addition to two passive speakers, the use of an active subwoofer is also possible (subwoofer output on the rear)

- Proven technology from Infineon, New Japan Radio (NJRC) and Qualcomm

Volume control chip NJW1194 from Japan

The Japanese-made NJW1194 volume control chip provides precise volume control and low distortion. In concrete terms, this means that a very even channel balance is achieved over the entire volume range and the power output is linear as the volume increases.

Passive stereo speakers or rather a 2.1 system?

Two speakers can be addressed via the Cinch outputs and fired with some power. A little pressure is missing in the basement, a little low frequency response? Of course, an active subwoofer can also be connected to the SMSL SA300 and controlled via it. No matter whether you are a stereo lover or just feel comfortable in the lower frequencies, both application scenarios are covered.

Many connections, Bluetooth 5.0 and an included remote control

You can play back sound wirelessly via your smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0 and transmit it to your home stereo system, which is plugged into the stereo RCA outputs. Alternatively, operation on the local computer via USB is possible, so that the speakers on the desk can also play accordingly full of sound. The black remote control included in the scope of delivery ensures comfortable operation from the sofa.


For technical details, please refer to the picture descriptions.

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