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SMSL M500 MKII Product information "SMSL M500 MKII" SMSL M500 MKII - DAC and headphone...
Product information "S.M.S.L M500 MKII"


Product information "SMSL M500 MKII" SMSL M500 MKII - DAC and headphone amplifier in a practical housing, with a high-class ES9038Pro converter, the latest XMOS USB- processor and Bluetooth 5.0

SMSL offers an excellent upgrade to their previous model with the M500 MKII. This is a powerful D/A converter and headphone amplifier that uses the ES9038PRO ESS Technology audio D/A converter, which is used in many high-priced devices. It also features the latest XMOS USB processor, supporting full MQA decoding with Hi-Res PCM 32-bit/768kHz and native DSD512. Bluetooth 5.0, LDAC and aptX-HD transmissions as well as the 1.9" IPS display are only part of what makes the SMSL M500 MKII so attractive.


The highlights of the SMSL M500 MKII at a glance:

-Powerful ES9038PRO converter from ESS Technology.

- Latest XMOS USB processor, enables transmission of high-resolution streams up to PCM 32-bit/768kHz, DSD512 and DoP256

- Full MQA and MQA-CD support

- Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0 and support for AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC

- Independent volume control function

- 1.9" IPS display with tempered glass


Neutral tuning with the ES9038PRO from ESS Technology

To ensure that the sound is optimally converted, one of ESS Technology's top-class converters is used - the ES9038PRO. It features full MQA decoding with Hi-Res PCM 32-bit/768kHz and native DSD512. With this converter, the SMSL M500 MKII ensures that every music format is converted to the audio output in the way it was intended when the sound was recorded. Unadulterated and neutral are the appropriate keywords here.

XMOS XU216 as USB interface for high-resolution streams

In order not to save money in the wrong place, SMSL goes all out with their M500 MKII - the XMOS XU216 is used as an interface. This enables up to 768 kilohertz and 32 bits as well as DSD512 and DoP256. This means that the optimal combination of interface and converter has been found and soldered onto a circuit board. Here, too, there are no limits to possible music enjoyment.

Full MQA and MQA-CD support

The SMSL M500 MKII offers full support for MQA and MQA-CD. MQA stands for "Master Quality Authenticated" and came onto the market in 2014. This is not just an audio format, but rather a combination of efficient compression and complex coding, coupled with a digital signature. The licensed format stands for quality and guarantees musical enjoyment.

Unlimited enjoyment of sound requires high-quality connections

Of course, SMSL has not skimped on the connections either, so we have a remarkably good selection of inputs and outputs at our disposal. USB-B, TOSLINK and coaxial can be used as inputs, in addition to Bluetooth 5.0, of course. Wirelessly, AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC are available - something for every application. The outputs are a single-ended stereo RCA, a balanced stereo XLR and a 6.35 mm jack socket.

IPS display, remote control and independent volume control function

A 1.9" IPS display informs and is not limited to displaying the selected input as well as output. The tempered glass mounted in front of it protects the technology behind it from damage. The included remote control allows flexible and comfortable use without having to approach the M500 MKII every time. But what exactly is the volume control function independent of? The volume control for the headphones and the preamplifier is technically independent of each other and both can be controlled separately. A switch enables a quick change.

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Spezifikationen: Eingänge: USB, Optisch, Koaxial, Bluetooth Ausgänge: 6,35...


  • Eingänge: USB, Optisch, Koaxial, Bluetooth
  • Ausgänge: 6,35 Klinkenbuchse, Cinch, XLR
  • THD+N: 0,00006 % (-123 dB)
  • HPA THD+N: 0,0001 % (-120 dB)
  • HPA-Leistung: 2 W x 2 (16 Ω), 1 W x 2 (32 Ω)
  • HPA-Verstärkung: 0 dB (niedrig), +9 dB (hoch)
  • Dynamikbereich: 131 dB (XLR), 123 dB (RCA)
  • SNR: 131 dB (XLR), 126 dB (RCA)
  • USB-Spezifikation: USB 2.0-Asynchronisierung
  • MQA-Decoder: USB, Optisch, koaxial
  • MQA-CD-Decoder: Optisch, koaxial
  • DoP-Decoder: USB, Optisch, koaxial

Abtastrate und Bandbreite

  • USB: PCM 44,1 – 768 kHz (32 Bit)
  • DSD: 2,8224 – 22,5792 MHz (1 Bit)
  • Optisch/koaxial: 44,1 – 192 kHz (24 Bit)
  • DoP: DoP256 (USB), DoP64 (optisch/koaxial)
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • LDAC: 24 Bit/96 kHz
  • aptX HD: 24bit/48kHz_576kbps
  • aptX: 16bit/44,1kHz_352kbps
  • SBC: 16 Bit/44,1 kHz_328 kbps
  • AAC: 16 Bit/44,1 kHz_320 kbps

Abmessungen und Leistung

  • Leistungsaufnahme: 5W
  • Standby-Leistung: <0,5 W
  • Größe: 3,3 x 3,4 x 7,7 Zoll (85 x 88 x 197 mm)
  • Gewicht: 0,9 kg
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