S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MKII

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SMSL Sanskrit 10 MKII Product Information "Sanskrit 10 MKII Sanskrit 10 MKII - Chicly...
Product information "S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MKII"

SMSL Sanskrit 10 MKII

Product Information "Sanskrit 10 MKII

Sanskrit 10 MKII - Chicly packaged DAC with high-quality inner workings, an AKM AK4493 as D/A converter and XMOS module

With the Sanskrit 10 MKII, SMLS offers a very reasonably priced DAC that does not, however, do without high-quality technology. AKM's AK4493 32-bit 2-channel DAC is a high-class converter that supports a wide signal range, achieves a low noise level and is power-efficient. The front display relies on a gravity sensor that allows different positions of the Sanskrit 10 MKII.


The highlights of the SMSL Sanskrit 10 MKII at a glance:

- 32-bit 2-channel AK4493 DAC from AKM as a high-quality converter.

- Second generation XMOS solution, supports sampling rates of up to 32bit/384KHz and DSD256

- Provides ample interfaces - USB, coaxial as well as optical connections

- Panning LCD display via gravity sensor

- Hi-Res certification from the Japan Electronics Association


Brand new technology from AKM, the AK4493 32-bit 2-channel DAC

The AKM AK4493 used in the SMSL Sanskrit 10 MKII builds on its highly successful predecessors, whose performance has been proven many times over. The converter scores with a maximum resolution of 768 kHz and 32 bits. This guarantees the user that the sound reaches the auditory canal as undistorted as possible. The low THD + N of 0.0002% (-113 dB) underlines this claim.

XMOS, 32bit/384kHz and DSD256

The digital USB interface relies on an advanced asynchronous XMOS processing module, which was customised by Thesycon in Germany. The aim of this adaptation by the German company was to improve the sound effect. Thus, native DSD and Dop are supported via the USB input, 32 bit / 768 kHz and DSD256 decoding are possible.

Reduced, but still all important - USB, optical as well as coaxial

Without the right connections, even the best technology is useless. With the Sanskrit 10 MKII, SMSL relies on a micro-USB port, which serves as a high-quality input and can be used for power supply at the same time. Another micro-USB port is used exclusively for power supply, so data transfer and power supply can be separated from each other. An optical and coaxial input are also available, thus creating flexibility. Two cinch sockets have been embedded in the housing as output.

Housing, the LDC display and the gravity sensor

As usual, SMSL uses a completely anodised aluminium housing, which is available in red, blue and black. Visually restrained and timeless, but thanks to the display not a simple box. A gravity sensor integrated in the housing automatically switches the orientation of the display - depending on how the SMSL Sanskrit 10 MKII is set up. The supplied remote control provides access to all functions and allows convenient control from the couch.

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Spezifikation: Eingangsschnittstelle: USB, optisch, koaxial. Ausgangspegel: 2,1 Vrms....


Eingangsschnittstelle: USB, optisch, koaxial.

Ausgangspegel: 2,1 Vrms.

Klirrfaktor + N: 0,0005 %.

Dynamikbereich: 117 dB.

Rauschabstand: 118dB.

USB-Übertragungsmodus: asynchrone Übertragung.

USB-Kompatibilität: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Mac OSX 10.6 oder höher, Linux Bittiefe: USB: 1 Bit - 32 Bit optisch/koaxial: 1-24 Bit

Abtastrate: USB: PCM: 44,1-384 kHz.

DSD: 2,8224–11,2896 MHz.

Optisch, koaxial: 44,1-192 kHz.

Leistungsaufnahme: 1,5 W.

Standby-Stromverbrauch: <0,1 W.

Volumen: 75 x 45 x 144 (B x H x-T).

Gewicht: 300 g.

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