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Shanling CD80 Shanling CD80
Shanling CD80 Powerful ES9219MQ DAC Chip Bluetooth Hi-Fi CD Player Classic design / traditional CD player ESS ES9219MQ DAC with LTA8092 & RT6863 amplifiers Philips CD drive and Sanyo HD860 laser Ingenic X1000 system platform USB driver...
€329.00 *
Shanling CA80 Shanling CA80
Shanling CA80 Multi-Purpose CD Player The Desktop Solution with Eddict App Support and Class-D Amplifier With ICEPower Class-D amplifier to drive speakers USB input on the front Bluetooth 5.0 (reception) ESS ES9219MQ DAC with LTA8092 &...
€499.00 *
Shanling ET3 Shanling ET3
Shanling ET3 CD transport Philips SAA7824 & Sanyo HD850 Laser & CT7302CL Upsampling Chip I² S / Optical / Coaxial / AES EBU / USB Digital Outputs Bluetooth 5.0 with LDAC, AAC and SBC support Based on Ingenic X2000 platform & remote...
€699.00 *
Shanling EC3 Shanling EC3
Shanling EC3 CD Player Top-Loading compact Player for new generation Philips CD80 & Sanyo HD850 ESS ES9219C + LTA 8092 Ingenic X2000 Platform Bluetooth 5.0 Eingang USB Driver Player SPDIF Coaxial / Optical Out Controllable via App...
€599.00 *