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Tripowin Jelly
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  • HL01878.MMCX.25
Tripowin Jelly Upgraded Cable While Tripowin Zonie is one of our signature cables, based on...
Product information "Tripowin Jelly"

Tripowin Jelly Upgraded Cable

While Tripowin Zonie is one of our signature cables, based on the success and experience of Tripowin Zonie, we have introduced a new member to Tripowin family. Unlike Zonie featuring silver-plated SPC wire, Tripowin Jelly is more complicated with three different materials mixed, that is Silver-plated OCC+Alloy Copper Graphite Monoene+OCC. The mixed braided cable is so well-made, soft and durable that you can truly explore the next music level with Tripowin Jelly IEM cable

Wide Application

The Zonie cable is designed with several connectors and plugs to suit for most devices and earphones, even the high-end earbuds. The wide range of application makes it ideal for any replacement. Simply choose the right style for your devices. MMCX, 2PIN and recessed 2-pin with 3 different plugs, pick anyone of them from your needs

Improvement on Sound Quality

With this Tripowin cable, you can easily replace your cable with a upgraded one. It offers more choices for your hifi earbuds. The sound quality is improved to be more real, brighter and less distortion. The three frequencies can be more vivid through this cable. Tripowin Jelly is aiming to provide you with the best budget IEM that can explore the new stage of music sound

Soft Cable with Long-lasting Life

The cable adopts special braiding technique. It looks sophisticated but also elegant and neat in look. It feels soft and easily be stored without any tangling. The earhook is also pre-shaped into a best angle to fit your ear securely. You can wear it no matter you’re enjoying music quietly or doing sports


NOTE: Models listed below are only an example. It may not include all the compatible earphones. For models not listed, you may contact us for more information.

Compatible with earphones with general MMCX Connector:

  1. Use for UE900 SE215 SE315 SE846 SE535 SE425 KSE1500 earphones, LZ a4 a5, HQ5 HQ6 DQSMD2
  2. UM PRO Series: UM PRO10, UM PRO20, UM PRO30, UM PRO50
  3. W Series: W10, W20, W30, W40, W50, W60, W80
  4. AM Pro Series: AM10, 20, 30
  5. ES Series: ES10, 20, 30, 50,60

Compatible with earphones with general 2PIN Connector:

  1. Used for THIEAUDIO Clairvoyance, Legacy 2, Legacy 3 (Gaia), Legacy 4, Legacy 5, Legacy 9, Monarch Revonext QT2 QT3, RX8 BQEYZ KC2 KB1 TFZ King Pro, QUEEN
  2. UE: 2PIN

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