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Tripowin Petrichor Tripowin Petrichor
Tripowin Petrichor Cable As fancinating as the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil, Tripowin has launched another multi-functional upgrade cable-Petrichor. Unlike Noire's understated look, Petrichor's colours are fresh,...
€49.00 *
Tripowin Noire Tripowin Noire
Tripowin Noire Kabel-Das sehr empfehlenswerte neue Mitglied So tief wie die dunkle Nacht hat Tripowin ein neues multifunktionales Upgrade-Kabel Noire auf den Markt gebracht. Trotz des unauffälligen Aussehens des Tripowin Noire, das mit...
€39.00 *
Extraordinary Material. Tripowin is a new creative brand in HiFi industry but it has accelerated years of experience in earphone accessories and earphones. Based on previous testing on the cables, we finally decided to adopt this silver...
€29.90 *
Tripowin Zonie Tripowin Zonie
High Raw Material Designed with silver plated cable SPC wire, Tripowin Zoine can explore the next music level with Tripowin Zoine IEM cable. The cable is designed with 16 cores silver plated. Various Options For Your Up-level Music...
€17.90 *
Tripowin Jelly Tripowin Jelly
Tripowin Jelly Upgraded Cable While Tripowin Zonie is one of our signature cables, based on the success and experience of Tripowin Zonie, we have introduced a new member to Tripowin family. Unlike Zonie featuring silver-plated SPC wire,...
€35.90 *
Tripowin GranVia DUAL25 4,4mm GREY Tripowin GranVia
High-Quality Raw Material GranVia - Tripowin released a new professional stereo audio headphone cord, featuring 26AWG high purity OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) cable, composed of 36 strands wire, with Litz structure, GranVia is designed to...
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FiiO LC-RD Pro FiiO LC-RD Pro
The standard FiiO FH9 headphone cable you've all been waiting for is finally available separately! The FiiO LC-RD Pro is an 8-core cable with 224 strands of high-purity sterling silver. As usual, the plugs are interchangeable between...
€149.00 *
ddHifi BC120A (Forest) ddHifi BC120A (Forest)
Air Series Kopfhörerkabel Forest Anschlüsse: 2,5 mm balanced Klinke, MMCX oder 2Pin Länge: 120 cm
€59.90 *
ddHifi BC120C (Sky Pro) ddHifi BC120C (Sky Pro)
Kofphörerkabel aus handgeflochtenen versilberten OCC-Drähten (8 Litzen) Anschlüsse: wechselbare Klinke Stecker in 3,5 mm Stereo und 2,5/ 4,4 mm Balanced, MMCX oder 2Pin Länge: 120 cm Gewicht: 35 g
€249.00 *
ddHifi BC110A (Sunset) ddHifi BC110A (Sunset)
Kopfhörerkabel aus hochreinem OFC und versilbertem OFC Anschlüsse: 3,5 mm Stereo Klinke, MMCX Länge: 120 cm Gewicht: 21 g
€44.90 *
ddHifi BC55A (Air Nyx SE) ddHifi BC55A (Air Nyx SE)
Nyx SE Kopfhörerkabel aus der Air Series Länge: 55 cm Anschlüsse: 4,4 mm Balanced, MMCX oder 0,78 mm 2Pin Gewicht: 23 g
€79.90 *
ddHifi BC120A (Clouds) ddHifi BC120A (Clouds)
Kopfhörerkabel aus versilbertem 6N OCC Kupfer Anschlüsse: 3,5 mm Stereo Klinke, MMCX oder 2 Pin Länge: 120 cm Gewicht: 20 g
€59.90 *
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