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TOPPING DM7 ESS High Resolution Full Balance DAC Flagship ES9038PRO DAC Chip Full...
Product information "Topping DM7"

ESS High Resolution Full Balance DAC

  • Flagship ES9038PRO DAC Chip
  • Full 8-Channel Output, Easy To Use
  • Perfectly Pairs With The TOPPING LA90
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • 12V Trigger In/Out

Flagship ES9038PRO DAC Chip
Utilizing ESS’ flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip, the TOPPING DM7 decodes 32-bit files with 130dB of dynamic range and <0.00009% THD+N.

Full 8-Channel Output, Easy To Use
In Windows 10 and 11, the DM7 can be used in stereo without a driver or used in 8 channels with a driver. On a Mac, the DM7 can be used without a driver and freely configured with up to eight channels.

Perfectly Pairs With The TOPPING LA90
The DM7's fully-balanced TRS outputs can be connected to powered monitors or the TOPPING LA90 Class AB power amplifier.

Backwards Compatibility
The DM7 is backwards compatible with 6-channel, 4-channel, and 2-channel systems, covering 7.1, 6.1, 5.1, and 2.0 applications. It supports both Windows and Mac devices. With Windows systems, it works in 2-ch mode until you upgrade the system with the latest driver.

12V Trigger In/Out
Turn the DM7 on and off with other devices synchronously using the 12V trigger interface. Simply connect the 12V trigger interface with a compatible device; when you turn one on, the other turns on, and vice versa.

High Resolution Audio
The DM7 supports PCM audio streams up to 32bit 192kHz as well as native DSD up to DSD128 and DoP64, thus covering the vast majority of audio streams used.

Product Specifications
Decoding Specs
32-Bit/192kHz PCM, DSD128 natively, DSD64(DoP)
<0.00009% @ 1kHz
THD @ 90kBw(no-weighted)
Dynamic Range
Frequency Response
Output Level
4.0Vrms(4V mode), 5.0Vrms(5V mode)
Channel Balance
Output Impedance

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