Topping E30 II

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  • HL01980.SILVER
Topping E30 II Digital Analog Converter and Preamplifier     2 x AK4493S D/A...
Product information "Topping E30 II"

Topping E30 II Digital Analog Converter and Preamplifier

  •     2 x AK4493S D/A converters Velvet Sound
  •     Hi-Res Audio certified
  •     XMos XU208
  •     THD 0.00015%
  •     Supports up to DSD512 native and PCM 32bit/768kHz
  •     DSD Direct Mode
  •     Touch Operation
  •     Remote Control

Supports Hi-Res Audio

The two flagship AK4493S digital-to-analog converters built into the Topping E30II achieve outstanding performance rarely found in this price range.

Plug and Play - Turn your PC into a HiFi control center

Via USB, the Topping E30 II is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Win10, Win11, Linux, IOS and Android. Only for Windows ASIO operation a driver is required. The established XMOS XU208 helps here to a problem-free data transmission.

Coaxial and optical (Toslink) available

Via the optical and coaxial output the Topping E30 II can be fed with any digital signal up to 24bit/192kHz from various devices.

5V power supply - always and everywhere

Via a 5V USB power supply or a power bank (both not included), the Topping E30 II can be brought to life.

Discrete LNRD

The poor quality power supply via a USB power bank brings sound disadvantages. Therefore the E30 II uses a LNRD circuit which reduces the interference of the USB power supply to a minimum.

Auto On/Off

All inputs of the E30II support the Auto On/Off function. If a connected device is switched on or off, the E30 II will join in. It switches itself off after one minute without an applied signal and directly on again.

DAC and Pre-Amp Function

Via the remote control, the line-out output of the E30 II can be adjusted in volume from -99dB down to 0dB. Thus it can be used as a pre-amplifier.

Ideal playing partner

In combination with the Topping L30 II, the result is a perfectly matched combination.

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