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Topping U90 USB Bridge - What actually is a USB Bridge and what do I need it for? The main idea...
Product information "Topping U90"

Topping U90 USB Bridge - What actually is a USB Bridge and what do I need it for?

The main idea behind converting the original digital USB signal into an alternative digital signal is to pre-filter the digital data. This is achieved in the Topping USB Bridge by using a femtoclock oscillator. The optimisation of the digital signal achieves an incredible jitter reduction (see picture description).

In addition to the optimisation of the digital signal, the distance to be bridged plays a major role. With conventional USB cables, the data rate to be transmitted decreases after only a few metres. With optical cables, distances of up to 30 metres can be bridged without loss of speed. With USB cables, the data rate for high-resolution data material stops after only a few metres.

USB isolation

The USB isolation of the USB connector separates the Topping U90 consequently from the power supply of the computer. Due to multiple circuits and many connected devices, computers have a ground problem that has a negative acoustic effect. The USB Isolator "isolates" this problem.

12V Trigger

The Topping U90 has a 12V trigger output. In combination with another device that supports this function, the devices connected in series can be switched "on" and "off" in parallel.

IIS compatibility

The U90 comes with four different pre-configured setups that support different IIS pin settings. For details, please refer to the image description.

Supported resolutions

The Topping USB Bridge supports the following resolutions: Up to PCM 32Bit/768kHz and DSD512 native

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Spezifikationen: Ausgang: LIS-LVDS PCM: 44,1 kHz-768 kHz/16 Bit-32 Bit DSD...


  • Ausgang: LIS-LVDS
  • PCM: 44,1 kHz-768 kHz/16 Bit-32 Bit
  • DSD (nativ): DSD64-DSD512
  • DSD(Dop): DSD64-DSD256

  • Ausgang: AES/OPT/COAX
  • PCM: 44,1kHz-192kHz/16Bit-24Bit
  • DSD (nativ): Nicht unterstützt
  • DSD (Kapazität): DSD64
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