Topping D10 Balanced

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  • HL01854.SILVER
Topping D10 balanced USB DAC for connection to an amplifier with balanced inputs. The balanced...
Product information "Topping D10 Balanced"

Topping D10 balanced USB DAC for connection to an amplifier with balanced inputs.

The balanced connection configuration brings higher channel separation and therefore better sound.


-Supports High Res Audio

-USB DAC chip ESS ES9038Q2M


-Distortion factor 0.0002

-PCM up to 384kHz

-DSD256 native

-Analogue and digital outputs

-Plug & Play

-adapted ASIO Windows driver from Thesycon

Topping D10 balanced supports 16-32bit/44.1-384kHz and DSD64-DS256

XMOS XU208 + custom driver

The XMOS XU208 used by the Topping D10 balanced for the USB interface in combination with the adapted driver allows the conversion of high-resolution audio files and also of native DSD.

Automatic switch-on and switch-off

The D10 balanced switches on and off synchronously with the connected device.

Audio format and sample rate display

The D10 balanced can accurately display the audio format (PCM or DSD) and the sampling rate of the music being played. The orange LED glows softly and does not dazzle even at night.

Supported formats: DSD256, DSD128, DSD64 PCM 384kHz, PCM 352.8kHz, PCM 192kH, PCM 96kHz, PCM 88.2kHz, PCM 48kHz, PCM 44.1kHz.

Connect it directly to the PC without installing a driver and set the desired sampling rate. Ready.

* The latest version of Windows or MAC is required. For Windows system, please refer to our Thesycon installation package and its setup tutorial; for MAC. please use Audirvana Plus player. The playback software will output the original bit rate of the music files through the Topping D10s.

Connection to active speakers

Connect the D10 balanced to your powered speakers.

The D10 balanced is not only DSD and PCM compatible, but also offers better sound quality than your computer's built-in sound card or a conventional DAC.

Connection to power/headphone amplifiers

You can connect the line-out of the D10 balanced to the input of your amplifier/headphone amplifier to make the D10 balanced part of your hi-fi system.

The D10 balanced will significantly improve the sound quality when playing back high-resolution files.

If you are using a DAC with better specifications, you can connect the D10s coaxial / optical output to your DAC, then the D10 balanced will act as a USB interface.

The coaxial & optical output of the D10 balanced supports up to 24bit/192kHz and Dop64.

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Spezifikationen: USB-Eingang (Plug & Play) Line-Out: 6,35 mm TRS (kein...


  • USB-Eingang (Plug & Play)
  • Line-Out: 6,35 mm TRS (kein Single-Ended-Ausgang)
  • THD+N@1kHz A-gewichtet: <0,00012%
  • Klirrfaktor: <0,00015 % bei 20 Hz-20 kHz.
  • Rauschabstand: 125dB.
  • Dynamikbereich: 125 dB.
  • Frequenzgang: 20Hz-20kHz.Ausgangspegel: 4,2 Veff bei 0 dBFS.
  • Rauschen: <2,4 uVrms.
  • Kanalübersprechen: -141dB.
  • Kanalbalance: 0,3 dB.
  • Ausgangsimpedanz: 88 Ohm.

Topping D10B, auch bekannt als Topping D10 Balanced, ist ein hochauflösender Desktop-USB-DAC mit symmetrischer Line-Out-Option. Basierend auf dem kompakten Design des berühmten D10s-Desktop-DAC verfügt der D10B über einen ES9038Q2M-Hochleistungs-DAC-Chip, der dem Gerät hilft, extrem geringe Verzerrungen zu erzielen und gleichzeitig hochauflösende Audiosignale zu decodieren. Fügen Sie den D10B zu Ihren symmetrischen Verstärkern hinzu und erstellen Sie ein vollständig symmetrisches Kopfhörer-/Lautsprecher-Setup.

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