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Topping E50 - The big better brother- At the heart of the E50 is the superb ESS Sabre ES9068AS...
Product information "Topping E50"

Topping E50 - The big better brother-

At the heart of the E50 is the superb ESS Sabre ES9068AS DAC usually found in higher-end units.



-Hi-Res Audio certified

-XMOS XU216 microcontroller for clock-accurate playback

-Distortion factor of an incredibly low 0.00009

-Supports DSD512 Native and DSD256 DoP as well as PCM up to 768kHz

-MQA, MQA Studio and rendering via USB, as well as rendering via coaxial and optical input

-RCA and TRS (balanced) outputs

-Extremely low distortion pre-amplification

-Remote control


High-quality sound, for a wide range of applications

With careful design and some customisation, the E50 offers a distortion of only 0.00009% and a dynamic range of 126 dB, resulting in perfect sound quality.

This also makes the E50 suitable for the following applications:

Highfidelity PC HIFI system

OTG for mobile phones/tablets

CD player

external DAC for CD players

TV DAC and so on.


E89068AS DAC chip

The E50 uses the latest high-performance ESS Sabre ES9068AS DAC chip. Thanks to its excellent design and technology, it offers realistic and transparent sound quality.

USB Supports DSD512 & PCM768kHz High-Resolution Audio

The USB input of the Topping E50 offers a wide range of compatibility: Windows 10, MAC, Linux, IOS, Android Plug and Play.

Only for Windows ASIO applications, you need to install the driver.


The USB input offers the best specifications of the Topping E50 inputs. It uses XMOS 216-core processor XU216, which offers support for 32bit768kHz PCM, DSD512 native High-Resolution Audio and MQA decoding.

We have also adapted the Thesyon driver for Win10 in the ASIO application.

The coaxial and optical (Toslink) input of the Topping E50 also offer the highest quality. The traditional optical and coaxial input support not only 24bit192kHz PCM, but also DoP DSD64 and MQA playback.


Ultra lowjitter for USB inputs

By using CPLD to process the clock and optimise the digital signal, the Topping E50 achieves incredible jitter suppression. By using the new Femtoclock technology, an external clock is no longer required to suppress jitter.


5V power supply Anytime, anywhere

The Topping E50 only requires a 5V power source such as a PC, mobile phone charger or power bank to operate.


Auto On/Off function

The Topping E50 switches off after one minute without a connected input signal and switches back to operating mode automatically when a signal is present.


Selectable outputs

The E50 has one fully balanced TRS output and one RCA output. You can choose between "TRS only", "RCA only" or "TRS + RCA" output.

Please note that headphones cannot be connected directly to the E50. For this, you need the L50 headphone amplifier to go with the E50.

Together with the Rack or without, and the matching cables from Topping, this makes an excellent Destktop audio stack.


Preamp function

The E50 has a preamplifier function that allows you to control the output volume via the remote control. This function is excellent for driving power amplifiers or monitor speakers.

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