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  • HL01727.BLACK
Fantasy is being staged 32bit/768k, DSD512 Destktop DAC Toppig D50s -Bluetooth 5.0 -Bluetooth...
Product information "Topping D50S"

Fantasy is being staged

32bit/768k, DSD512 Destktop DAC Toppig D50s

-Bluetooth 5.0

-Bluetooth receiver

-High Res Audio

-High Res Audio Wireless


-DSD512 native

-PCM 32bit/768kHz

-Thesycon custom driver

-2 x ESS ES9038Q2M Digital Analogue Converter

-Distortion factor 0.00025

-7 PCM filters

-Remote control

The USB input of the Topping D50s supports DSD64 to DSD512 (native) as well as PCM 16bit/44.1 to 32bit/768kHz.

The coaxial and optical outputs support resolutions up to PCM 24bit/192kHz and DoP DSD64.

The Topping D50s is certified by Sony Hi-Res Audio Wireless and uses the CSR8675 chipset to support Bluetooth LDAC / AAC / SBC / APTX / APTX HD and APTX HD.

The high-quality audio reproduction is rounded off by two ESS9038Q2M digital analogue converters from Sabre ESS.

The high-quality operational amplifiers (2x OPA162 from SoundPlus) and 1 x LME49720 from Texas Instruments are jointly responsible for the outstanding sound performance and loss-free signal transmission.

The aluminium housing was milled from a single block using CNC technology.

The Topping D50s has an auto on/off detection and switches on or off together with the source. This makes it ideal for a permanent connection to the source device.

Using the joystick control on the front of the unit, all settings such as "on/off, volume, mute, input selection, auto on/off, brightness and PCM filter" can be selected quickly and conveniently.

Due to the adjustable analogue outputs, the Topping D50s is ideally suited to be connected as a preamplifier to active speakers, for example.

Via the Bluetooth recieving function, you can connect various sources such as your smartphone in the supported Bluetooth formats with the Topping D50s.

Tablets that support USB OTG as well as iPad and iPhone can be connected to the TD50s via Lightning and USB OTG cables.

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Technische Daten: Abmessungen: 11,9cm x 11cm x 2,6cm Gewicht: 510 g....

Technische Daten:

  • Abmessungen: 11,9cm x 11cm x 2,6cm
  • Gewicht: 510 g.
  • Betriebsspannung: DC5V
  • Eingänge: USB, Optisch, Coax, Bluetooth
  • Ausgänge: Cinch-Line Out
  • Verzerrungen: THD+N @A-Bewertung <0,0003%@1kHz <0,0004%@10-20kHz
  • Signal-Rausch-Abstand: SNR @A-Gewichtung>122dB@ 1kHz
  • Frequenzgang:20Hz-20kHz(+0,1dB)
  • Ausgangspegel:2Vrms OdBFS
  • Rauschen:<2uVrms
  • Kanalübersprechen:-130dB @1kHz
  • Kanal-Balance:0,025dB
  • USB: 44.1k-768k Hz, 16-32 Bit, DSD64-DSD512
  • Optisch/Coax: 44.1k-192k Hz, 16-24 Bit, DSD64 (Dop)
  • Bluetooth: SBC, AAC, aptx, aptx LL, aptx HD, LDAC
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