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  • HL01725.SILVER
Topping D10s USB DAC Features: -Supports High Res Audio -USB DAC chip ESS ES9038QsM...
Product information "Topping D10S"

Topping D10s USB DAC


-Supports High Res Audio

-USB DAC chip ESS ES9038QsM


-Distortion factor 0.0002

-PCM up to 384kHz

-DSD256 native

-Analogue and digital outputs

-Plug & Play

-Thesycon custom ASIO Windows driver


Topping D10s is compatible with 16-32bit/44.1-384kHz and DSD64-DS256

XMOS XU208 + Customized driver D10s uses XMOS XU208 for USB interface and uses customized driver which from Thesycon for better compatibility with high resolution audio file especially DSD native.

Automatic power on/off Even some USB port support power after PC has shut down, D10s still will synchronously power on / off with PC.

Audio format and sampling rate indicator D10s can accurately indicate the audio format (PCM or DSD) and sampling rate of the playing music. Orange LED is soft and not dazzling even at night.

Supportet formats: DSD256, DSD128, DSD64 PCM 384kHz, PCM 352,8kHz, PCM 192kH, PCM 96kHz, PCM 88,2kHz, PCM 48kHz, PCM 44,1kHz

OPP-AMP Rolling - Topping D10s has OP amp socket, DIYer could change the OP amp to get different sound.

-Not recommended for non-professional users due to certain risks. Please note, that warranty will be expire after opening the case.


How does it work with my PC? How simple can it be?

Connect directly to the PC without installing a driver, and set the sampling rate you want. then start.

* Newest version of Windows or MAC is required. D10s can also work more professionally. For the Windows system, please refer to our Thesycon installation package and its setup tutorial; for MAC. please use Audirvana Plus player, after that. the player will output the original bit rate of music files to D10s.


Connect to active speakers

Connect D10s to your active speakers. D10s provides not only DSD and higher-specification PCM compatibility but also a better sound quality than your computer's built-in sound card or a regular DAC.

Connect to power/headphone amp You can connect line out of D10s to the input of your amplifier / headphone amplifier, to make D10s to be one part of your Hifi system.


D10s will greatly improve sound quality in the case of playing high resolution. files.

If you have a better DAC, you can connect the coaxial / optical output of D10s to your DAC, then D10s serves as a USB interface.

The Coaxial & Optical output of D10s supports up to 24bit/192kHz and Dop64.

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Spezifikationen: Stromversorgung: DC 5V / 0,5A (USB-Netzteil) Eingang: USB...


  • Stromversorgung: DC 5V / 0,5A (USB-Netzteil)
  • Eingang: USB
  • Digitaler Ausgang: COAX, RCA, OPT
  • USB Eingang: 44,1 kHz - 384 kHz / 16Bit - 32Bit, DSD64-DSD256 (nativ), DSD128 (DOP)
  • OPT/COAX OUT: 44,1 kHz - 192 kHz / 16Bit - 24Bit, DSD64 (DOP)
  • Dekodierungsspezifikationen (Line Out / USB In @ 96 kHz)
    • Klirrfaktor + N @1 kHz A-wt: <0,0002 %
    • SNR @1 kHz A-wt: 120 dB
    • Dynamikbereich bei 1 kHz A-wt: 120 dB
    • Frequenzgang: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (±0,1 dB), 20 Hz - 40 kHz (±0,4 dB)
    • Ausgangspegel: 2 Veff bei 0 dBFS
    • Rauschen @ A-wt: <2,5 uVrms
    • Kanalübersprechen bei 1 kHz: -135 dB
    • Kanalbalance: <0,02 dB
    • Ausgangsimpedanz: 20 Ohm
  • Gemessen: 10,3 cm x 14,6 cm x 3,7 cm
  • Gewicht: 323 g
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