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Softears Twilight Softears Twilight
Softears Twilight Dynamic driver Unique twisted shell design. High quality aerospace grade aluminium alloy driver housing. Equipped with a powerful 10mm dynamic driver. Large diameter DLC dome structure. FreeEdge PU suspension. Daikoku...
€799.00 *
Softears RS10 Softears RS10
Softears RS10 10BA Driver IEM In-Ear Monitor Headphones 10BA driver units per side The Softears RS10 feature 10 Balanced Armature driver units on each side, giving users reference-level studio sound output with brilliant detail and...
€1,799.00 *
Softears Turii Ti Softears Turii Ti
Softears Turii Ti High quality aerospace titanium alloy shells Unique and elegant twisted design Customised configuration of a single dynamic driver Supports low impedance with values up to 25Ω Brass inner cavity PEEK suspension combined...
€2,199.00 *
Softears Studio4 Softears Studio4
Softears Studio4 Brand new multi-BA driver IEM with four custom BA drivers in beautifully crafted 3D-printed driver housings with a flat frequency response for unerring reproduction For studio recording, stage monitoring and other...
€399.00 *
Softears Volume Softears Volume
Softears Volume Powerful bass Triple driver hybrid configuration Beryllium-coated dome New generation texture-free PEEK suspension diaphragms Custom balanced-armature drivers Three-way crossover design Highly compatible circuitry Medical...
€259.00 *
Softears RSV Softears RSV
Softears RSV Reference-quality sound reproduction Easy to drive Spectacular looks with handmade, unique front panels Perfect frequency response Precise and efficient frequency division Fuller dynamic tonality Softears has announced its...
€599.00 *
Softears U.C. Liquid Silicone Eartips Softears U.C. Liquid Silicone Eartips
Softears U.C. Liquid Silicone Eartips 2 pairs per box The U.C. Eartips (Ultra Clear Tip), newly developed by Softears, is made of highly transparent liquid silicone, based on ergonomic design, fits far more closely to the ear canal than...
€16.90 *