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Letshuoer S15 Letshuoer S15
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Letshuoer S15 Letshuoer S15
LETSHUOER S15 Third generation 14.8 mm planar driver + 6 mm R-Sonic passive filter module New acoustic structure, a powerhouse of sound quality Two acoustic tubes with filter crossover Smooth transitions across the spectrum and rich...
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Let Shuoer DZ4 Let Shuoer DZ4
LETSHUOER DZ4 The Innovative Form of Dynamic Driver IEM 3DD+1PR Essential EDC Hifi in Ear Monitor “3DD+1PR” The Brand-new Dynamic Driver IEM LETSHUOER DZ4 has undergone multiple adjustments and refinements to breakthrough technological...
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Let Shuoer Galileo Let Shuoer Galileo
LETSHUOER x GIZAUDIO Galileo IEMs Dual-Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitor The universe has got a vast sky full of infinite possibilities, and Galileo was a legendary astrologer who peered into the infinite secrets of the starry sky. LETSHUOER...
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Let Shuoer Cadenza 12 Let Shuoer Cadenza 12
Let Shuoer Cadenza 12 - A true virtuoso Cadenza 12 Flagship hi-fi headphones with 12 drivers The result of years of experience by the LETSHUOER team LETSHUOER Acoustic Technologies is pleased to present the LETSHUOER Cadenza 12, the...
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Let Shuoer EJ07 Let Shuoer EJ07
LET SHUOER EJ07- Electrostatic Driver DD BA Hybrid HiFi In Ear Earphones IEMs • The Flagship In-Ear Earphone of Shuoer brand • Sonion Electrostatic Driver • Shuoer Custom 10mm Dynamic Drivers • Knowles Dual Mid Balanced Armatures Drivers...
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Let Shuoer M5 Let Shuoer M5
Let Shuoer M5 silver-plated copper IEM cable Highlights: High purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper that has low impedance Great mids and treble performance Gold-plated dual pin connectors and 3.5 / 4.4 plugs Well-regarded stock...
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Let Shuoer M3 Let Shuoer M3
Let Shuoer M3 - high purity 6N monocrystalline copper in-ear monitor cable 3.5mm or 4.4mm M3 high purity 6N monocrystalline in-ear monitor cable High purity 6N monocrystalline copper strands 204 strands dual core construction Faux...
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Let Shuoer Soloist Let Shuoer Soloist
LETSHUOER SOLOIST Liquid Silicone Kevlar Driver HiFi In-ear Earphones Imported Resin&3D Printed Shell. Anti-electrostatics and anti-electromagnetic distortions Special tuning and custom structure Ergonomics&Elegant Design The One and...
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Let Shuoer Conductor Let Shuoer Conductor
Letshuoer Conductor - 10mm dynamic, dual BA and quad Sonion EST tribrid IEm The newest electrostatic (EST) driver by the European driver manufacturer Sonion Paired with Knowles WBFK 30095 super tweeter and Sonion 2389 dual balanced...
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Let Shuoer EJ09 Let Shuoer EJ09
LETSHUOER EJ09 - New Tri-level hybrid In Ear Earphones Nine Acoustics Drivers with 5-Way Crossover configuration and 4 Sound bores Per Channel Sonion and Knowles Balanced Armatures Drivers, Sonion Quad-electrostatic tweeters 10mm Custom...
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Let Shuoer DT02 Let Shuoer DT02
Let Shuoer DT02 Portable DAC/AMP for Android and iOS (Ligtning adapter included) Powerful dual DAC chip Supports up to PCM 32bit/384kHz and DSD256 The housing was milled with a 5-axis CNC machine. The unit is lightweight and unobtrusive....
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LET SHUOER D13 Custom 13 mm DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) diaphragm Customised large-diameter 13 mm dynamic driver Ergonomic design Dynamic driver with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) diaphragm Handmade 4-core 216-strand monocrystalline copper New...
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