Shanling ME200

Shanling ME200
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Shanling ME200 - In Ear Headphones from the 3D Printer The Shanling ME200 in-ear headphones in...
Product information "Shanling ME200"

Shanling ME200 - In Ear Headphones from the 3D Printer

The Shanling ME200 in-ear headphones in summary: perfectly adapted to the human ear by the 3D printer and with the combination of balanced armature driver and dynamic driver also optimally tuned in terms of sound, these headphones are convincing all along the line.
The highlights of the Shanling ME200 at a glance:

    Housing from the 3D printer - Perfectly adapted to the human ear
    Clever driver combination - balanced armature and dynamic driver
    Premium headphone cable - Silver-coated quad-core copper
    MMCX connector on earphones - Open for further cable upgrades
    Matching accessories included - 10 pairs of ear tips and leatherette pouch

3D printed for a perfect fit - Discreet and great sounding

Shanling ME200 3D Printing

With access to a database of thousands of scans of human ears and the ability to 3D print the Shanling ME200 housing, these headphones fit your ear like no other. Without pinching, falling out or otherwise becoming conspicuous.

But not only does it wear comfortably, its design also contributes to its special sound. Because of the almost perfect seal, it insulates particularly well against noises and disturbances from outside and also ensures that virtually no sound escapes to the outside. Pleasant silence paired with a powerful, fine sound is the reward for the effort.
The Best of Both Worlds - Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver

Shanling ME200 with Knowles BA driver

In the Shanling ME200, two true specialists work together to create the perfect sound. A balanced armature driver from the American specialist Knowles is used in the midrange and treble. This driver was specially tuned to Shanling's requirements.

In the low frequency range, the 10 mm dynamic driver with double magnet, specially developed by Shanling, shows what it can do. Controlled, powerful low frequencies with explosive dynamics.
Silver-coated copper cable included - clear and detailed

Shanling ME200 headphone cable

The cable connection between the source and the two in-ear headphones is practically "the last mile" for your music. To ensure that everything runs exactly as you expect, the Shanling ME200 comes with a matching headphone cable.

A silver-coated cable made of oxygen-free copper, consisting of a total of four individual conductors in a length of 1.3 metres. Especially the sensitive mid/high range clearly benefits from this first-class treatment. This is audible in the clearly increased resolution and a clear, powerful sound.
You want even more? - It's easy thanks to the MMCX connection

Shanling ME200 with detachable cables

Even if the headphone cable included in the scope of delivery makes some double-priced in-ear headphones green with envy, of course there's always room for a little more. So that the soldering iron can stay in the cupboard, the Shanling ME200 In Ear headphones come with the practical MMCX connectors. Here in a version reinforced with an additional layer of gold, so that the headphones can withstand numerous plugging processes without problems and the cable sits perfectly at all times.
Plenty of accessories in the scope of delivery - no wish is left unfulfilled

Shanling ME200 scope of delivery

Even though the Shanling ME200 in-ear headphones sound excellent, everyone has their own ideas.

No problem, Shanling has included a whole stack of different sounding ear tips to adapt the headphones to your own taste. Whether you like the focus to be on voices, you simply like it balanced and natural or music only sounds right when the bass is almost noticeable: you will find what you are looking for here.

There is also a pair of memory foam eartips (i.e. extremely soft foam) that shield you perfectly from outside noise. There is also a matching leatherette bag in case you don't have the headphones in your ears.
A real eye-catcher on the outside too - available in five versions

Shanling ME200 Pyramid

3D printing opens up completely new possibilities. And so Shanling has also "gone wild" with the visual design and created a surface in the "sunburst" look.

In combination with the five different colours (Floating Clouds Purple, Sun Red, Volcanic Ash Grey, Clear Blue or Deep Blue), this sunburst look is a real eye-catcher and elegantly stands out from the monotonous black or white of most in-ear headphones.

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    Modellbezeichnung: Shanling ME200 Frequenzumfang: 20 Hz -...

Modellbezeichnung: Shanling ME200
Frequenzumfang: 20 Hz - 40 kHz
Wirkungsgrad: 111 dB (+/- 3 dB)
Impedanz: 16 Ω
Kabellänge: 1,3 Meter
Gewicht: 6,3 Gramm (pro Ohrhörer
Farbe: Sun Red (Rot), Floating Clouds Purple (Lila), Volcano Ash Grey (Grau), Clear Blue (Hellblau), Deep Blue (Dunkelblau)
Konnektivität: 3,5 mm Klinke
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  • 10 Paar Eartips
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