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Shanling ME500 - Three ways, one excellent headphone The Shanling ME500 headphones in summary:...
Product information "Shanling ME500"

Shanling ME500 - Three ways, one excellent headphone

The Shanling ME500 headphones in summary: There are 30 years of experience and passion in hi-fi in the ME500 3-way headphones. A beautiful and high-quality housing conceals intelligent and powerful-sounding technologies and also comes with the practical MMCX connection.
The highlights of the Shanling ME500 at a glance:

    True 3-way driver design - 2x Balanced Armature + dynamic drivers.
    Balanced Armature driver integrated - Perfect midrange and treble guaranteed
    Tailor-made bass driver - Optimal integration into the sound concept
    Beautiful, timeless cabinet - CNC machined from brass
    Fully included - First-class MMCX headphone cable and more

3-way design - The right driver for every frequency range

Shanling ME500 driver design

Of course, you can take the "one size fits all" approach and use a single driver for the entire frequency range you want to reproduce. But you can also give each frequency range (tweeter, midrange and bass) its own driver and thus use a "specialist" for each. This is the case with the Shanling ME500.
Balanced Armature Drivers at Work - Perfect Highs and Midrange Guaranteed

Shanling ME500 Knowles drivers

The Shanling ME500 uses two Balanced Armature drivers from the specialist Knowles (for those who want to know exactly: it's the Knowles TWFK-30017). These drivers were tuned in close cooperation with Shanling for their intended use in the in-ear headphones and thus ensure silky, perfectly resolved high frequencies and excellent voice reproduction.
Tailor-made driver in the bass - With dual magnet and one Tesla magnetic force

Shanling ME500 PEEK driver

In the bass range, both diaphragm area (for punch and low end) and control are needed to ensure a structured and accurate bass. What at first sounds like a contradiction has been excellently achieved in the Shanling ME500.

The bass driver is made of a nanocomposite of polyethylene and polyetheretherketone (high-quality, very light plastics) with a diameter of ten millimetres. This guarantees the bass response and pressure in the bass.

Structure and control in the bass and lower midrange is provided by an elaborate dual magnet design. This has more than one tesla of magnetic force and a voice coil made of OFC copper that is specially adapted to the application.
High-quality brass cabinet - With a glass coating

Shanling ME500 magnesium cabinet

The CNC machined brass cabinet not only looks and feels beautiful, it also has a very clear technical purpose.

One of the main problems in the reproduction of music is resonance, which is added to the actual music signal by the housing of the headphones and thus distorts it. The solid brass housing effectively reduces the sound-damaging resonances to a minimum and pure, unadulterated sound is the result.

To complete the manufacturing process and CNC milling, the brass cabinet is covered with a layer of tempered glass to protect the cabinet from scratches and give it a high-gloss look.
Intelligent design with passive noise isolation - for undisturbed music enjoyment

The Shanling ME500's housing design is optimised for comfort and sound quality. The headphone cable is routed above and behind the ear, making it comfortable to wear for hours.

At the same time, the housing is designed to effectively shield you from outside noise (in combination with the included eartips), so you can relax and enjoy your music in peace. Whether in the office, on the bus or at home on the sofa.
No compromises - even with the headphone cable with MMCX standard

Shanling ME500 InEar

The headphone cable of the Shanling ME500 consists of eight separate wires, each with 18 individual conductors. Each of the individual conductors is encased in a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) jacket to effectively prevent microphonic effects.

The actual construction of the cable is just as well thought-out. Four conductors each are made of high-purity copper, four conductors of silver-coated high-purity copper. The result is clean and clear high and mid-range reproduction as well as a powerful, controlled bass.

The headphone cable and the headphones themselves have MMCX connectors, making it easy to replace the cable in case of a fault or if you want a higher quality cable.
Useful and high-quality accessories - indispensable companions for everyone

Shanling ME500 Eartips

In addition to the high-quality aluminium carrying case (the Shanling C1), four different pairs of silicone ear tips in three different sizes (S/M/L) are included. Each pair of ear tips has an individual tonal orientation.

In addition, there are two pairs of memory foam ear tips with even stronger sound isolation, which will allow you to experience maximum music enjoyment.

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Modellbezeichnung: Shanling ME500 Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5,5 mm...

Modellbezeichnung: Shanling ME500
Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5,5 mm
Frequenzumfang: 20 Hz - 40 kHz
Wirkungsgrad: 111 dB +/-3 dB
Impedanz: 18 Ω
Kabellänge: 1,3 Meter
Konnektivität: 3,5 mm Klinke
  • Box aus Aluminium (Shanling C1)
  • vier verschiedene Paar Silikon-Eartips in jeweils drei unterschiedlichen Größen (S/M/L) imit unterschiedlicher klanglicher Ausrichtung
  • Zwei Paar Memory Foam-Eartips mit noch stärkerer Geräuschisolation
  • 1,3 Meter MMCX-Kopfhörerkabel
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