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Shanling C2 Case - The universal companion for your headphones The Shanling C2 Case in summary:...
Product information "Shanling C2"

Shanling C2 Case - The universal companion for your headphones

The Shanling C2 Case in summary: The Shanling C2 Case is the perfect companion for your headphones and also for compact music players such as the Shanling M0.
The highlights of the Shanling C2 Case at a glance:

    High quality and durable -Plastic injection moulding, faux leather and metal hinges.
    Magnetic closure - Quick to open and yet securely closed
    Room for headphones and more - Headphones, music player and accessories fit inside

High quality designed and manufactured headphone case

Shanling C2 on white background

Once you have the Shanling C2 Case in your hand, you will immediately notice that they "mean business" here.

The basic construction is made of injection-moulded plastic, the hinges are made of metal and the surface is made of durable imitation leather. So you can be sure to enjoy the Shanling C2 for a long time, even with frequent use.
There when you need it - magnetic closure for easy access

Shanling C2 with opening angle

Unlike small push buttons or tabs, you can open and close the Shanling C2 case easily and at any time with just one hand.

And because the magnets are strong enough, your treasures are also permanently stored safely and protected from damage.
Sufficient space inside - headphones plus accessories fit inside

Shanling C2 with accessories

With a size of 70 x 97 millimetres and a depth of 48 millimetres, as well as the integrated mesh, there is enough space in the Shanling C2 case for your in-ear headphones, accessories such as different ear tips and a compact music player such as the Shanling M0.

This means you always have everything you need with you, even when travelling.

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