Shanling M0 Case

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Shanling M0 Case - Essential accessory     Perfect fit - Specially made for the...
Product information "Shanling M0 Case"

Shanling M0 Case - Essential accessory

    Perfect fit - Specially made for the Shanling M0
    Hard and soft - Soft PU leather and integrated metal frame provide durable protection
    Still perfectly operable - The control wheel is accessible through the case
    Available in five colours - Cognac, black, blue, red or purple

Specially designed for the Shanling M0

Shanling M0 Case black close-up

Even though the touchscreen of the Shanling M0 is already equipped with a screen protection film ex works, scratches or damage due to dropping are still a threat.

That's why Shanling offers a case for the M0. This ensures optimum protection and durability for your music player.
Sturdy yet soft

Shanling M0 Case blue close-up

The basic structure of the Shanling case is made of sturdy metal. This means it always stays in shape, even when things get rough.

The case is enclosed in soft PU leather, which makes it comfortable to hold and gives scratches no chance.
Clever detail for the best perfect usability

Shanling M0 Case stacked in five colours

Even though the protection of the music player is in the foreground, the usability should not suffer.

And so the case has a cut-out on the side through which the player's control wheel can be reached at any time.
The right case for every taste

Shanling M0 Case in five Lifestyle colours

Combine your player and the case in any colour you like.

You can choose between cognac, black, blue, red or purple.

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