Shanling M5s Case

Shanling M5s Case
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Shanling M5s Case - Pretty and robust The highlights of the Shanling M5s Case at a glance:...
Product information "Shanling M5s Case"

Shanling M5s Case - Pretty and robust
The highlights of the Shanling M5s Case at a glance:

    High-quality polyurethane - Just right for Shanling M5s
    Fits like a glove - Tailor-made for the Shanling M5s
    Everything always under control - All ports and buttons perfectly operable

Honour to whom honour is due - High quality material for a high quality player

Shanling M5s Case

If you have chosen the Music Player Shanling M5s, it is because you like to listen to high-quality music.

So why should you compromise on the right case? We can't think of any reason why you should, and that's why the case for the M5s is made of high-quality black polyurethane.
No matter what, the bag fits

Shanling M5s in the Shanling M5s Case

And perfectly at all times. Because the Shanling M5s Case is tailor-made for the corresponding player. Nothing wobbles or slips, but always stays neatly in place.

And it feels good too.
Protection is important - but so is comfort

Shanling M5s with case

Sure, we want to protect our Shanling M5s from scratches and damage, but it also has to remain usable. That's why the M5s case has cut-outs in all the crucial places.

This ensures access to the volume control and all ports even inside the case, while still offering the highest level of protection.

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    Modellbezeichnung: Shanling M5s Case

Modellbezeichnung: Shanling M5s Case
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