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  • HL02065
Shanling ME900 High-End Earphones Eight-Driver Hybrid System Six Custom Balanced...
Product information "Shanling ME900"

Shanling ME900 High-End Earphones

  • Eight-Driver Hybrid System
  • Six Custom Balanced Armature Treiber
  • Two 6mm Dynamic Driver with Crystal-Plated Bio-Diaphragms
  • Aerospace Titanium Shell and Special interlaced Faceplate design
  • Audio Tuning switches
  • Interchangeable Plugs (2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm)


 From Mountaint to Rivers – CNC Machined Titanium Shell Special Faceplate Design

Depicted traditional Chinese mountains and rivers, utilizing a new manufacturing process for a fresh look of the faceplate. With the shell made from aerospace-grade titanium for the ultimate combination of high strength and low weight.

Eight-Driver Hybrid – Crystal-Plated Bio-Diapraghm Dynamic Drivers

  • 2 x Bass
  • 2 x Mid
  • 2 x Highs
  • 2 x Ultra-Highs

Pair of Dynamic Drivers for Bass

Two fast 6mm dynamic drivers provide a more controlled and precise rendition of the lowest frequencies, keeping up even with the fastest and most complex music pieces. Proper sound tone and texture are assured thanks to the special crystal-plated polymer bio diaphragms.

Each dynamic driver utilizes a pair of N52 Japanese neodymium-iron-boron magnets, combining into an inner magnetic core and outer magnetic circuit for extra high magnetic flux density, making for a powerful and very dynamic sound.

Six custom Balanced Armature Drivers

Two Drivers for smooth midrange - Rich vocal, elegant instruments and deeply refined tones of all midrange frequencies.

Two Drivery for Clear treble - High frequencies under control, with enough presence to sound full, yet pleasingly smooth.

Two Ultra-High Frequency Drivers - Extending the top-end reach of the earphones to the highest frequencies, for the complete sound with exquisite detail and an open soundstage.

Third Generation of Ergonomic Shape

Shanling ME900 continues in our journey for the ideal ergonomic shell, based on a big data analysis of the human ear. Proving even more comfortable and secure fit in all positions. Now with an additional pressure relieving design for fatigue-free listen over longer period.

Two Tuning Switches – Bass and Treble


Octa-Core cable – Single crystal copper

Made from a top-quality Furukawa wire, in a coaxial construction, with dual-layered conductors and independent shielding, topped with a special protective coating. Perfectly matched High-End performance.

Comes with a system of interchangeable connectors, compatible with 3.5mm single-ended and 2.5mm or 4.4 balanced outputs.

Universal MMCX – Easily replaceable Cable

Our latest generation of gold-plated MMCX connectors provides a firm and stable connection. Universal compatibility with other MMCX cables assures easy cable upgrades or replacement.

Pick Your Eartips  - Vocal / Soundstage / Bass / Balance

Each Shanling ME900 comes with four different types of eartips, 11 pairs in total. Differing in sizes and used materials, all ready for an ideal match in comfort and sound signature to your liking.



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