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Shanling H7 – Portabel DAC/AMP Features: MQA file support Bluetooth 5.0 Flagship...
Product information "Shanling H7"

Shanling H7 – Portabel DAC/AMP


  • MQA file support
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Flagship AKM AK4499EX DAC with AK4191EQ Modulator
  • 1300mW Output @32 Ohm
  • 6,35mm & 4,4mm & 3,5mm Outputs
  • Built-In Music Player (for micro SD-card use / Up to 2TB)
  • RCA Ausgänge
  • Muse8920 Line-Out
  • USB, Coaxial, Optical and Bluetooth Connection
  • Supports up to 32Bit/768kHz / DSD512 Hi-Res Audio


 Classic Hi-Fi Heritage – Best Sound On-the-Go

Creating Hi-Fi devices for over 34 year, Shanling is now taking a significant step into the high-end portable DAC/AMP market with the new Shanling H7. Continuing the tradition with top-class construction, with aviation-grade aluminium shell, with nicely rounded shapes for comfortable use and carry.

Utilizing a compact 1.44-inch monochromatic OLED display NS a pair of ALPS wheels to control it all.

Unique Built-In Player – Enjoy the full sound quality directly from H7

Thank to the addition of a MicroSD card slot, the Shanling H7 is capable of direct lossless playback, in the highest quality and without any cabloes or Bluetooth signal degradation. Simply pair H7 with Shandling’s Eddict Player App, to gain full control over your music library.

New Flagship AKM DAC – New Approach to High-End Sound

Shanling H7 is the first Shanling audio design built around the new generation of AMK´s flagship DAC system. Combining AK4191EQ Delta-Sigma modulator with AK4499EX DAC, splitting the Digital-to-Analog process between these two chips for improved performance in both domains. This unique approach implemented by AKM allows for even better sound quality, pushing ahead of the older AKM AK4499 DAC.

SNR 123dB / THD 0,00006%

Matching all Headphones – Three Headphone Outputs – Three Gain Levels

Shanling H7 offers three levels of amplifier gain, assuring an ideal match with a wide range of headphones. Pick the lowest gain for a hiss-free playback with the most sensitive in-ear earphones.

Output Power:

Single-Ended 450mW @32 Ohm

Balanced 1300mW @32 Ohm

Outputs: 6,35mm / 4,4mm / 3,5mm

Audio Circuit – Professional Hi-Fi Tuning

Headphone Amp

Designed around TI TPA6120A2m with carefully matched ELNA SILMIC II and Panasonic tantalum capacitors. Tuned for our favourite warm, smooth and highly organic sound, that still packs a proper punch.

Low-Pass Filter

Shanling engineers utilized TI OPA2211, picked for its low noise and high bandwidth performance. Combined with 100µF WE capacitors and ultra-low noise Low-dropout regulator for the cleanest signal output.

In-House developed I/V Stage

Pair of ADI ADA4896-2 amplifiers in a highly optimized I/V conversion stage, carefully matched with each resistor and capacitor for the ultimate performance.

In-House Developed FPGA & KDS Crystal Oscillators

Shanling´s self-developed FPGA with two low-phase noise 45Mhz / 49MHz oscillators, pushing phase noise to extremely low levels and providing constantly ideal sound processing

HiFi Grade USB Input – Third generation XMOS XU316 – Stable asynchronous connection

With a new generation of the highly-acclaimed USB chipset, assuring the top-quality digital input for H7. The 16-core audio solution provides an asynchronous connection for high-fidelity sound and full support for Hi-Res playback of PCM, DSD and MQA files.

High Res 768kHz / 32 Bit / Native DSD512

High-Quality components – Because every part matters

-Robust Neutrik 6,35mm connector for stable connection of heavy audiophile cables

-JRC Muses8920 J-Fet amplifiers for clean sound of the RCA outputs

-High-purity single-crystal copper inner wiring

Bluetooth 5.0 Input – For convenient wireless sound

Switch H7 to its Bluetooth input for an easy connection to your phone or tablet. Ideal for all quick audio sessions with music streaming services. Supporting hgh-quality LDAC codec for Android devices and standard AAC for iOS

*H7 only acts as Bluetooth Receiver

*Case sold separately

Long-Lasting Battery – Advanced Power Management

Utilizing pair of industry standard 18650 batteries, for a combined 6.800mAh capacity, with a dedicated PMU chip for advanced power management. Prolonging the battery life for continuous playback and overall improving lifespan of the batteries.

Multifunctional USB – DAC

-Mobile Phone DACEasily connect with the provided USB cable enjoy music on the go.

*iOS Lightning cable sold separately

-Table DACH7 works even with most tablets, providing the best sound for your games and movies.

-Desktop DACConnect H7 to your computer to get top-level desktop performance

-Gaming DACSwitch H7 to UAC1.0 mode for compatibility with gaming systems like PS5 and Switch.

Digital Inputs: Coaxial and Optical input for easy connection to a wide range of devices

RCA Output: Connect active speakers directly to the H7, for a compact audio rig.

MQA Support – 8 x Unfolding Through USB Input

Enjoy your Tidal streaming in its highest quality with H7 USB DAC.

Playback indicator

LED indicator makes it easy to easily recognize currently playing Hi-Res files, covering the full range of PCM, DSD and MQA files.

Charing Indicator

Red – charging

Off – Fully charged

MQA Indicator

Blue – MQA Playback

Off – Non-MQA Playback

Sampling Rate Indicator

Blue – 44.1 / 48kHz

Yellow – 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192kHz

Purple – 352 / 384 / 705 / 768kHz

Green – DSD64 / DSD128 / DSD256 / DSD512

MQA Playback

Blue – MQA Studio

Green – MQA

Purple – MQA Rendering

Wheels Controls

Left Wheel


Press: Switch Input

Rotate left: Previous Song

Rotate right: Next song

Setting Menu – Press 2s to enter Menu – Press to got to next Item – Rotate wheel to change -press 2s to exit.

Right Wheel

Basic Functions

Press: Play / Pause

Rotate Wheel: Change Volume

Double Press: Controls lock On/Off

Power On/Off – Press right Wheel for 2s


USB-A to USB-C cable

USB-C to USB-C cable

3,5mm to RCA coaxial cable

Storage puch

User manual



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