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  • HL02032.silver
Shanling EC3 CD Player Top-Loading compact Player for new generation Philips CD80...
Product information "Shanling EC3"

Shanling EC3 CD Player

Top-Loading compact Player for new generation

  • Philips CD80 & Sanyo HD850
  • ESS ES9219C + LTA 8092
  • Ingenic X2000 Platform
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Eingang
  • USB Driver Player
  • SPDIF Coaxial / Optical Out
  • Controllable via App

Compact CD Player – 25,5 x 18,8 x 6,8cm

Smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, fitting perfectly alongside the Shanling EM5 and EA5 streamers. Ideal for use in desktop rigs, smaller bedrooms or any narrow Hi-Fi racks. With a top-loading CD drive and transparent cover, to fully enjoy the charm of spinning discs.

App Control – For CD and USB Drive Playback

Download Shanling´s Eddict Player app to your Android or IOS device to comortabley control the Shanling EC3. Acting as a simple playback and volume control for use with CDs. Or switch to USB drive playback and use the App to browse through all the files, artists and albums.

Ingenic X2000 – System Platform

Using a dual-core X2000 processor, providing EC3 with features, user interface and settings that wouln´t be possible on simpler CD players. Fully optimized for a smooth performance and fast start-up times.

Top-Loading CD Drive – Phillips CD80 % Sanyo HD850

Shanling EC3 combines Philips CD80 drive system with Sanyo HD850 laser head for stable and error-free reading of CD discs. Matching the performance of the legacy CD players Shanling manufactured over 30 years.

ESS ES9219C Hi-Fi DAC – Hi-Res up to 32Bit / 384khZ and DSD256

Well-proven Sabre DAC Chip from ESS makes its way into our CD players. Carefully tuned for Shanling´s traditional warmer, slightly thicker and beautifully natural sound. And with full support for High-Resolution files or USB drive playback.

Independent Volume Control – RCA Output

Shanling EC3 can be connected directly to active monitors, with volume of RCA output being controlled directly on the CD player.

Ampak AP6256AC Module – Bluetooth 5.0 Input

Switch Shanling EC3 to its Bluetooth mode and simply stream all your music directly from your phone or tablet. Enjoy the convenience of streaming services combined with the Hi-Fi sound quality of EC3.

Supporting LDAC Bluetooth codec for the highest-quality connection. And ready for iOS devices with AAC support.

USB Drive Port - Unending Hi-Res Playback

Connect and USB drive to the EC3, open the Eddict Player app and dive deep into your music. Quickly access hundreds of albums and artists, with full support for Hi-Res files up to 32Bit / 384kHz and DSD256.

Compact Screen – Motorola IPS Panel

Compact 320 x 290 screen with great viewing angles and brightness. Simple user interface, nicely readable playback information and access to basic settings.


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