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  • HL01965.BLACK
Shanling UA3   Portable USB DAC/AMP New AKM AK4493SEQ Digital Analogue...
Product information "Shanling UA3"

Shanling UA3  

Portable USB DAC/AMP

  • New AKM AK4493SEQ Digital Analogue Converter
  • Dual Ricore RT6863 headphone amplifier
  • Independent volume control
  • High precision jitter clock
  • Ultra low noise floor
  • Hi-Res Audio certified
  • Supports up to 32bit /768kHz & DSD512
  • Powerful 21mW @32Ohm
  • 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone jacks
  • Switch compatible
  • Supported by Shanling Companion App

Perfect accessory for any type of travel

Precisely crafted from a single block of aluminium, with a smooth matte finish, for a simple and durable construction. Extremely light at just 20,5g.

Next Generation of AKM DACs

Brand new AK4493SEQ DAC finally brings the beloved AKM sound into the UA line. Enjoy the Shanling house sound in its fullest, with natural, warmer and smoother tuning, pushed to a higher level of technical performance with this new generation of DACs.

Dedicated Headphone Amplifiers

Two Ricore RT6863 amplifiers, combines into a powerful balanced output. Assuring a celan and highly dynamic sound, while providing a proper drivin power fo a wide range of headphones.

Power Efficient Partner for Smartphones

Using our latest advancements in the USB DAC power management, we optimized the UA3 to draw significantly less power from the connected smartphone. Providing for a better compatibility and an improved batter life of the smartphone.

High-Precission low Jitter Clock

With a build-in high precision clock, the Shanling UA3 can process all data with an improved accuracy and an enhanced performance of both, PCM and DSD data.

Ultra-Low noise output

Designed with an advanced low-dropout voltage-regulator, for an extremely black background with zero unwanted noise, so crucial for a proper high-fidelity sound.

 3,5mm and 4,4mm – pick your favourite

Offering both standard 3,5mm single-ended output and 4,4mm balanced output.

3,5mm / 125mW@32Ohm

4,4mm / 211mW@32Ohm

Convenience of Interchangeable cables

Shanling UA3 comes with a premium quality copper USB-C to USB-C cable. But thanks to the industry standard USB-C connector, it can be switched to a wide variety of cables, differing in construction or length, to match exactly with your Android phone, computer or even iOS device (with separate available lightning to USB-C cable). For Windows use, please download Shanling USB Driver. No Driver needed for use with MAC.

Compatible with Gaming systems

Hold down the middle button while connecting the UA3 to a device, to switch the UA3 to a UAC1.0 mode. This mode assures compatibility with a wider range of devices, especially gaming systems. Making games sound better than ever before.

Companion App for Android

Download Shanling Eddict Player app to get the full control over the UA3. Allowing access to six kinds of digital filters, gain settings, button setting customization and others. (Not available for iOS)

Sample Rate indicator

Small LED light keeping you informed about the currently playing sampling rate, confirming a proper sound processing. (Check picture for color explanation)

Volume Buttons

Shanling UA3 can directly control both, a hardware volume of its DAC and a software volume of the connected device. Hold the middle button for two seconds to switch between software and hardware volume controls.

Inside the package

Shanling UA3, USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A adapter, Quick Start guide

 For technical specifications check the picture.

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Spezifikationen: DAC: AK4493SEQ USB-Modus: UAC1.0 / UAC2.0 Unterstützte...


  • DAC: AK4493SEQ
  • USB-Modus: UAC1.0 / UAC2.0
  • Unterstützte Formate: PCM 768 kHz / 32 Bit, DSD 512
  • 3,5-mm-PO-Ausgang (Single-Ended-Ausgang):
  • Ausgangsleistung 125 mW bei 32 Ω
  • Frequenzgang 20 Hz - 40.000 Hz
  • THD+N 0,0004 % bei 32 Ω (A-gewichtet bei 0,5 V)
  • Dynamikbereich 119dB @32Ω (A-gewichtet)
  • Kanaltrennung 80dB @32Ω
  • SNR 119dB @32Ω
  • Ausgangsimpedanz <0,4 Ω
  • 4,4 mm BAL-Ausgang (symmetrischer Ausgang):
  • Ausgangsleistung 211 mW bei 32 Ω
  • Frequenzgang 20 Hz - 40.000 Hz
  • THD+N 0,0003 % bei 32 Ω (A-gewichtet bei 0,5 V)
  • Dynamikbereich 120 dB bei 32 Ω (A-gewichtet)
  • Kanaltrennung 110dB @32Ω
  • SNR 120 dB bei 32 Ω
  • Ausgangsimpedanz <0,8 Ω
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